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    Z cars but also anything paranormal such as encounters with ghosts. Consciousness, parallel timelines etc.
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    70 240Z HLS30 00907 installed weatherstrip on doors and hatch, stock springs and horn put back on the PO took off, carb work, wiper motor now 97 Honda wiper motor, new master vac, map light fixed, rust prevention under car/inside frame passages. PO had car from 1978 to 2009 a 31 year span.
    Previous cars:
    71 240Z, orange in color, replaced rings and bearings, painted back to original orange from a brown color, replaced bearings and synchros in transmission, sold in 1985.
    85 300ZX turbo my only new car.
    260Z, orange

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  1. It is listed as in fair condition? What would be poor condition?
  2. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Those cars do look awesome. Anyone ever sleep overnight in their Z? I did that once when I was much younger.
  3. 1973 "Series I Clone" in Albuquerque

    Hmmmm. I should be in Albuquerque late in December. I may have to look at that.
  4. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    How do the shorter arms assist?
  5. Will a late 240Z carpet set fit in an early 240Z?

    Thanks for the information grannyknot and JSM. I had to move the cargo strap bolts when I put in the doors I had forgotten about that. Gotta eat more coconut oil (good for memory?). Looks like MSA has the carpet versions split between 70 to early 71 and late 71 to 73.
  6. I have a 240Z 1/1970 and I want to replace the carpet (that I made) with the MSA black carpet. My car originally did not have those tool doors that open up towards the hatch like the '71 cars do but I obtained a couple from a parts car and installed them. If I put carpet in my early car intended for the later 240Z will it fit okay? I am considering the later carpet because I know it will work with the tool doors I put in. Thanks for any ideas. Mike
  7. A Real Shocker!!!

    A battery I had in my first 240Z, a '71, developed a loose battery post internally. When I first saw this thread I thought maybe someone's battery post had gotten loose and maybe that would have caused a spark with current flow.
  8. Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

    Does the tank have so many vent hoses to ensure the tank is completely filled during a fillup? That has always been my theory. I cut an access hole above that low leaking hose on my car so I can replace that hose if needed without dropping the tank. Of course the first hose lasted a mere 38 years...
  9. Park / tail lights fuse keeps blowing

    Some of my own troubleshooting techniques are done as much for entertainment and learning as they are for fixing things. Some of my techniques I would not want to publicly disclose! (no I don't use a ouija board) Anyway how about hooking up a test light across the fuse, maybe at night and then gently feel around under the dash and push the wires around looking for a brief change in the test light brilliance. Just an idea. The FSM seems to show that 12V for the lights goes two places, from the fuse to the combo switch and also to the inspection light under the hood. I love solving electrical gremlins.
  10. [2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    I have had a cotton cover next to the paint for at least 7 years and keep another cover on top of that one. Today I replaced the top cover made of tyvek with a covercraft guaranteed 5 years to protect the cotton cover. The car has always been in a garage or carport. Put new seat covers on today though they are a bit on the large side. Warmer than normal temperatures here. Very nice in the 70s.
  11. intake mainfold to carb spacer gaskets

    All great information. I am sending the carbs to ZTherapy as the carbs have slightly loose throttle shafts.
  12. intake mainfold to carb spacer gaskets

    Thank you siteunseen, Captain Obvious and 7tooZ, very helpful information. I was having fairly severe idle issues. I now see the missing gaskets on eBay. My car needs the insulator to intake manifold gasket with no holes as there are no holes in the intake manifold surface that mates to the carbs. I guess some intake manifolds actually put hot water through the carbs but not on my car.
  13. Pulled the carbs off of my 240Z today to have them reworked. There is no gasket between the spacer on the intake manifold and the intake manifold, is one supposed to be there? More directly can the lack of a gasket there cause an air leak? My car seems to have variable mixture making me think there is an air leak somewhere though I never tried the carburetor spray test.
  14. Park / tail lights fuse keeps blowing

    My 240Z (early 1970 model) uses a 20A for the parking/tail lights. I think I remember that if the 32V rating is on one end of the fuse the amp rating is on the other end and can be hard to read in my experience. So if one end says 32V the other end should say 20A.
  15. The Rusty Roller Coaster. Unusual Good News!

    Thank you Namerow that is very helpful.