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  1. Gavin, You'll find that - in practice - you don't need to do anything with your rear brakes except make sure that they are working perfectly. Both the solid rotor and ventilated rotor MK63s are plug and play for street and mild sporting use and you don't need to worry about F/R bias. I have used both solid and ventilated MK63s on all my cars and can tell you from experience that unless you are going racing you don't really need to worry. The 13/16" rear cylinders were same size as those used stock on some of the C10-series Skylines, so parts are available but I wouldn't bother personally. If you get that serious about (period correct) brake performance you'd be fitting MK63s on the rear too, as per homologation... The TOPYs might need a thin shim type spacer between hub and wheel, as used on the C10-series Skylines:
  2. Correct (S30 type) emblem on left. Incorrect (S130 type) emblem on right. The 432 going to auction has the incorrect, flatter profile (and plastic...) S130 type bonnet emblem.
  3. Hello Ben, The pictured headrests are C10-series Skyline items. You can modify them to fit the Datsun Compe seat (by cutting off part of the metal stem and welding on a new - longer - section) but you can buy an acceptable replica/substitute for the original Datsun Compe style headrest from Kameari Engine Works in Japan. You can buy direct from Kameari in Japan by mail order.
  4. Not only that but, considering comments made by the OP more than 16 months ago, it would seem wise to see the level of fit, finish and 'feel' before parting with money for something that is not necessarily going to be an accurate reproduction of the OEM items. Quote from Metalman5151 from further back in the thread:
  5. You would probably want to confirm that the total length of the strut tube (and therefore the distance from the spring platform to the hub) was the same as that on the E7213s. But if they are the same, then - surely? - you're good to go, no?
  6. The E7211 springs are paired with the E7213 struts because the spring lengths are matched to the (fixed) spring platforms on the struts. If you try to fit the E7211 springs onto stock struts - especially north American market struts - the ride height and geometry will be wrong. You could either cut and re-weld your spring platforms to suit the springs, or convert to adjustable platforms? The E7213 struts were hydraulic type and non-adjustable, so you can use any cartridge type insert that matches the springs.
  7. Thread title changed to "White 432R", but still (clearly!) a 'normal' 432. Try again, Blue...
  8. "White 240Z"? White 432, clearly...
  9. Kats, A small correction if I may: What happened was that Nissan used the MK63-20S on its Works race cars right from the beginning, including the first official race entry for an S30-series Z when the Works 432-R entered the All Japan Suzuka 300km race on 18th January 1970 (that famous no.68 car used on so much of the 432-R specific literature). Nissan actually used the technique of 'back homologation' to legalise the calipers for race use. They applied for the evolution in June 1970, but backdated the amendment to be valid from 10th January 1970 - hence covering all the races they had already entered up to that point, including the 432-Rs first race:
  10. Since MK63s have a reputation for flexing at extreme pressures, I can't imagine how you could engineer accurate lookalikes in alloy without changing the design enough to make them not look MK63s any more... You might as well buy the ENDLESS S4 MK63-replacements and paint them green, or just go AP and done with it.
  11. Thanks, but I'm OK for all that stuff. I'm more interested in original Nissan 'Sports Option', Datsun Competition and genuine Works parts...
  12. Those are the recent repros. Not original Sumitomo. Generally speaking, originals will have makers name 'SUMITOMO' cast into them. The repro guys are not allowed to incorporate the Sumitomo name on their version...
  13. I run MK63-20S vented type calipers on all my cars. I have a spare NOS pair new in their boxes, but don't really want to sell. I might - however - be tempted by an interesting trade. Have you got anything that you think I'd be interested in...?
  14. Pop back to 1969 and tell Nissan what a big mistake they are making...
  15. They should have been short discussions. What evidence is there of body coloured OEM front and rear spoilers on these cars?