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  1. Info needed: Block brackets

    As I mentioned, the 14839-E4600 and 14840-E4601 do not appear to have been illustrated in any of the factory parts manuals. You'll probably need to find a real life example in the metal for your reference. About the square bracket, maybe you need a better illustration or two?
  2. JDM Headlight cover difference.

    They didn't move from the 2 litre engine to the 2.4 litre engine. What happened was that three different L24-engined HS30-prefixed models were added to the existing two L20A-engined and two S20-engined models in October 1971, giving Japan a choice of no less than seven distinct S30-series Z models at that point. The brochure above corresponds with the October 1971 release of the L24-engined models.
  3. Info needed: Block brackets

    From the USA & Canada factory parts manual: *14840-E4600 BRACKET - AIR PUMP *14839-E4600 BRACKET - AIR PUMP FRONT FOR PLUS COOLER *14840-E4601 BRACKET - AIR PUMP REAR FOR PLUS COOLER The 'plus cooler' version brackets are not actually illustrated in the parts manual.
  4. Info needed: Block brackets

    It's worth knowing that Nissan was providing a fully developed and fully integrated air conditioning system for the S30-series Z as an extra cost showroom option from early 1970. It just wasn't offered on North American market cars, that's all. Provision for the compressor mount bracketry and etc seen on the L20/L20A, L23 and L24 engine block castings before 1973 was because the engines were also fitted to other models, most of which were offered (in Japan) with factory air conditioning. There were several different designs of compressor mount bracket, depending on model. What particular bracket diagram are you referencing?
  5. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Shall we define "nitpick"? How about "comments from people who might know a little more than you initially thought they do"? You would have swallowed anything he wrote. Go back and look at your reaction to his 'Ken & Mary' story. You almost fainted in a swoon. I was getting ready with the smelling salts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "nitpicking" (and whatever else you want to call it) is the very lifeblood of a forum like this. That's part of the process of us coming to understand these cars properly and making the forum worth its salt. We have - in case some of you newcomers haven't noticed - been at it for a few years now. If cowboy Florida Fred over here doesn't like it then that's his loss. This is an automotive forum not a dating site.
  6. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    OK, I'll take a shot at explaining to you. My gut reaction (hey, I'm a Kerouac fan, I do stream of consciousness...) was that he is used to telling people all about his "HAKO clone", and that they usually swallow it whole because they've only seen such cars in video games. Hence his 'Wikipedia' comment. Maybe that usually works for him. Not this time. He had no idea that I own a genuine KPGC10 GT-R. OK it's not a poker game, but... I know a bit about C10-series Skylines. I'm going to chew a little before I swallow. I think post #60 is a very wise take on all this. What did he bring to the party? At least bring a bottle. I'd say he didn't want to come in the first place. Part of his first response to me was to note that I'm a 'Supporting Member'. So what? He actually insulted all of us and the forum itself with his Wikipedia comment, as though he was somehow *better*. He wasn't. I'll go a little further (what harm?). People who show up with photos of their 'portfolio' are usually jacks of all trades and masters of none. I don't trust them. There was a similar instance a few months back with a guy trying to sell an S30 Fairlady Z, telling all sorts of stories (ex-race car etc etc) and once he had showed photos of his - and I'll be polite here - somewhat unfocused 'collection' of old cars and his real estate, people here were falling over themselves to compliment him. Somehow that stuff seems to turn heads and make eyes flutter. He too was here to use the forum in the same way as a dog uses a lamp post. Just passing through... But, I'm willing to learn. How would you have advised me to respond? My original point still stands; his term "HAKO clone" makes no sense. What should have followed? A bouquet and a polite note?
  7. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Oh, and by the way, This Aint No Party, This Ain't No Disco, This Ain't No Foolin' Around: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jShMQw2H2cM What a performance...
  8. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Either you missed his professed antipathy to forums early in the thread (precis: "I'm usually above all this, but I'm looking for a car...") or you yourself are suffering from a slight dose of cognitive bias. He was only here looking for something. He got it. He doesn't like forums. He's probably not coming back. I didn't push him out. He didn't want to be part of our little tree house community in the first place. Overnight, rain comes and washes away the dog pee from the lamp post. Life goes on. There's probably a Talking Heads lyric that deals with it...
  9. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Too late. I've already invested in my outfit. Only other alternative that would work for me is Roman Empire.
  10. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Assumptions? Your comeback to a friendly correction included the line "...and to truly clarify further for those whose only reference for these particular cars is Wikipedia...". Pitching up as a newbie on a specialist forum and assuming that its members rely on Wikipedia is - and I'm being polite here - slightly gauche, don't you think? QED. That's what started this. All the stuff about personal contacts, face to face interaction and picking up the phone is nice, but it is not exclusive to non-forum people. I'm guessing it's the same for 99% of the people who inhabit this forum, because it's all part of the same world. We may laugh at the short attention span of Facebook users, but they are by and large the same people we interact with here, elsewhere and yes....in 'real life'.
  11. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    I suggest you create a dedicated thread to see if this idea would fly. All sorts of hilarity might well ensue, but at least we will find out exactly who would step up onto the stage and profess to being "a purist". Our new friend 'pazt2prezent' certainly 'came out' up-thread, so he could be Member Number One. Any other volunteers? Who's going to administrate? Someone will have to play the part of Torquemada and decide who is a proper purist and who isn't, and when will we have our first auto-da-fé...? To be serious for a moment - this is a marque and series/model-dedicated automotive-themed forum. Nobody should be surprised, let alone scared of a little robust debate every now and then. Maybe it would help to think of it as a Wild West saloon bar occasionally? If Florida Fred bursts in with his green alligator boots on, starts twirling his pearl-handled guns around and asking for a hot lady to be served up on a plate, I'd expect someone to knock his silly hat off. Instead we have a bunch of cowboys buying him drinks and asking him for a date. What happened...!? No, the truth is we actually get along with all this very well. That's probably one of the reasons that 'pazt2prezent' chose to drop in here, despite his professed antipathy towards forums. We know our onions here, don't we? It didn't get that way by meek acceptance of mistakes, falsehoods and revisionist schmistory. There's nothing wrong in trying to get it right. Anyone who pitches up from nowhere and tries to teach Grandma how to suck eggs should have their hide handed to them on a plate. That's really the way all of this works.
  12. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    A quote for posterity from one of the very people who try to do just that very thing... Presumably you think irony is the hot thing the laundry uses on your shirts.
  13. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Oh, and you are 'Cruisin' Cars Inc.' - right? Was that early bird for your 'collection', or for your inventory...?
  14. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Your point being what, exactly? If people are telling our fellow member EuroDat that his HLS30 Datsun 280Z "is not a real S30" then they are clearly wrong. We should all rail against such ignorance and attempt to correct it if we have the opportunity. Let me at 'em...
  15. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Two things: First of all, you wrote "HAKO clone" and THAT is what I initially corrected (in a fairly friendly manner, I believe). It was your response to that correction which got us off on the wrong foot (especially your "...for those whose only reference for these particular cars is Wikipedia." comment). Don't try to move the goalposts by changing it to "Hakosuka "clone"", as that is a whole other scenario. It's really simple, isn't it? Your car cannot be a "HAKO clone" (ie, a clone of a Hakosuka) because it is always has been a 'Hakosuka' Skyline. Your car is simply a lesser model dolled up (or down, if you prefer) to look like a GT-R. Why not just admit that fact? All the smoke, mirrors and cod justification takes away from what I'm sure is a very nice car. Just be real about what you've got. As I said before, if you don't like it then you should have bought a real GT-R in the first place. Secondly, you have to expect to get some if you give some. Whining about forums as though you are somehow above them, whilst making use of one for your particular requirements, is - again! - delicious irony. For the record, if we met face to face and you told me your car is a "HAKO clone" I'd do the same as I've done here and correct you. I'd correct you on all the other stuff you came out with about Sport Corner, NISMO, the GT-Kai emblem and your inference that we are Wikipedia-referencing neophytes too. It might be interesting to share a cup of tea with a self-professed "purist" though. Most of the car people I hang around with would rather claim to be pragmatists...