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  1. thanks for the info guys its a big help!
  2. before anyone decides to be an arse and flame me i already used the search function and didnt find what i needed. my question is this, i have a 74 datsun 260z early model and i want to replace all the factory gauges with new autometer phantom guages, im doing the speedo,tach,oilpressure,water temp,and fuel level. what size do i need to order to get the right fit??? so far ive heard that 2-5/8 inch guages will work for the center of the dash but can anyone verify this? also what size do i need for the speedo and tach??? any help would be great as i need to get these ordered soon so i can get my rb engine in thanks donovan st.louis
  3. could i use a 1" wheel spacer to achieve the flushness
  4. thanks guys for the help, i think im going to go ahead and get them in gunmetal with a zero offset and put a 215-50-15 on them. now all i need to do is figure out if they are going to be flush with the msa fender flare kit im odering or if i need a spacer? thanks again for your help and if anyone has any more pics that would be great
  5. :tapemouth thanks for your help, i guess
  6. someone please help with some info
  7. hey guys ive been looking for some wheels for my 260z and have decided to go with the konig rewinds but the only thing im not shure about is that a 15x7 with a zero offset is the biggest they make them in, and i think i would be linited to a 50 series tire on a 15 inch wheel, and i dont know if i can live with that or not, i really wanted a 16x7 or 16x8 wheel so i could run some 205-45-16 tires. if anyone has a pic or 2 of thier z with 15 inch wheels and 50 series tires please post it so i can get an idea of what it will look like, and help would be great, for 600.00 bucks a set a 15 inch might grow on me?
  8. no your shock towers are also the short ones, theones on the 280z body are noticably taller.
  9. its an early 74 260, the rear strut towers are shorter as you can see in the pic, and the bumpers are smaller with less rubber crap, and the corner blinker lights are under the front bumper on the corner.
  10. just wanted to know what i had, plus some aftermaket body parts i.e spoilers , sideskirts, front airdams, so on and so forth require you to purchase a specific one either early or latemodel bodystyles. on some of these there seems to be a definate difference between early and late 74's and i want to get the right parts. plus i think weight is differnt between the 2 body types also, and even the demensions are differnt.
  11. so am i correct in assuming that since my shock towers are shorter that my 260 is a 240z body?
  12. i dont know if this is a way to tell but in all the pics i see of early 74 260's the rear shock towers are shorter than the ones on the later 74 1/2 and later 260's you can kinda tell in these pics the blue on is a 74 260 and the white one is a 74 also but the shock towers are differnt heights. im guessing the shorter one ( blue one ) is a 240z body and the taller ( white one) is a 280 body. im hoping my theory is correct and i have the 240z body as mine also has smaller bumpers without all the big rubber crap. please help me out you guys have more experiance with these than i do
  13. so how can i tell by looking at my 74 260 if it is a 240 body or a 280 body.
  14. if my 260z is a 1974 is it more likley it has the 240z body?
  15. speedstar

    z bodies

    someone please correct me if im wrong but the 1974 260z is the same body as a 1971 240z correct, the only differences being the taillights and dashboard correct?
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