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  1. Sounds like a steal of a deal, with plenty of parts to complete the restoration. Selling my 240Z, and one of your fenders would save me a couple of hours of working removing a ripple from SCCA racing. Nice mostly original '72 with Mini-Lites, Koni's, mid ratio 5 speed, and 4.44 R-190 + more. Burnt Orange, AZ car, no rust. plenty of $$ invested, including Ziebart reserved for 911's in 1972. xstates@verizon.net Buy both and have a matched pair of 280 and 240Z's.
  2. My old 240Z has been in Scottsdale, since 2004. Original AZ car, Mini-lites, Koni's now, 5 speed mid ratio, 4.44 R-190 posi and tired 60K original motor. Have a new 2.8 litre short block. Racer Brown cam, SS valves, reliable 7,800 rpm car that can idle all day long and hit 135 mph in SCCA competition. Stock SU's for D/production class. No rust ever, dented headlite extension, and dented hood, 280Z stopped shorted than me at 90 mph turn. Ziebarted, new gas tank and radiator, 2nd owner went Chevy. I may go Z-28, have a Cobra Jet now. Many NOS parts, + some race parts, Webbers + ignition. Burnt Orange and off road sine 1978 or 1980, I forgot? 5K, need $$, bought some tanks, near Fort Knox, or will bring back to Kentucky and restore among the tanks, big base & free storage and access. Even the clock and FM still works, hardly looked at or heard. xstates@verizon.net
  3. It is a dead horse, Doug, and dealers will be the first to tell you or any of the non-believers, about E-Bay. I'm not speaking about the good buyers, whom I sold hundreds of items, and a great experience, namely new Snap-On and below dealer cost with pre-packs. I'm focusing-in on the game players, non-bidders, and even the Zero feedback E-Bayers that change ID's like you or I would change socks. These Z-Bayers, the former, will not be found with COPO Camaros or Shelby 427 or 428's. The car was sold as driver in hopes of a future refinsihing with Sikkens to be show quality. More than likely, the NJ Paint Ball scammer, will run it, until one could put their arms through the panels. An '86 Supra or Nice '82 Celica GTS would have brought the same dollars. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!! That's reality, 100 point Z's, not sure what will happen? Other than never getting higher than the teens in $$. Only mod was aftermarket wheels, and new 2K CD player aand amp. Easily removed. Look at the current crop of 240's on E-Bay, most can not make 4K. Your MGB would sell in minutes and for much more than most 240's. Great niche car, Z is much more sophisticated, yet much less. Crating a COPO engine for Forward Air, missing almost everything, it is rebuildable core, and in at least 8 heavy pieces. 6K, and E-Bay would have pulled another 2K, if I wanted to skim the cream. Paid $1,500.00 in the '90's, why be a pig? Right now E-Bay is a disaster for selling a Z, buying is another story. With my rust free 240Z, I may try to sell it here or a few other collector sites next month. If its another fire sale, I'll keep it, R-190 4.44 LSD, mid ratio 5 speed, Mini-lites are rare and were expensive in 1972. Actually worth more in 1975 and cost more than a Boss Mustang in 1972. Those teo Z dealers have some unadultered comments about their experiences with bottom feeders, and basically someone who wants it for almost free, not even half price. We did that Z sale three times, same patterns all three times and just multiplied by 100 of the former. The were some very nice people, both in Canada and US, and few who stopped by and looked at it, and bid. For everyone of those, 10 of the other. How's Kruse and B-J for Z's, just out of curiosity, Doug. Enjoy the ride, one will not enjoy the resale price! Is that a factory yellow?
  4. RickX

    Z Head

    Chris, my mistake, cc's before valve diameters, misread it. seems like 280 valves are an easy swap? Does port flow/velocity suffer and become a top end engine like an L-88 vs oval port or 2.02 vs 1.94 on small blocks? Boss 302 is the all time worst. rick
  5. RickX

    Z Head

    It is N-33, not the other. Intake on a 260Z head is bigger than a 280Z and some ZX's? Thanks for the info, should work well on a back-up engine and its NOS. On the E-31, are the centerlines closer on those small valves than the later heads with bigger valves? rick
  6. RickX

    Z Head

    started FAST, died slowly??????????????? Any answers? Probably cc it and measure ports and seats, an an AB test to the lowly E-31. Actually looks to be exactly what the Dealer said it was. He said many E-Bayer's said no such number. So much for E-Bay experts. I'm biased, many of the E-Bayers who follow Z's and 24/7: beat-up Sellers and never bid. They are "bottom feeders" as aptly written by a member at this site. Next step some Manley SS valves, and Comp Cam kit, have the RB cam, and F-54 short block for a relatively complete engine.
  7. I recently sold the cowl panel and the underside was was missing the top coat. It is a 1972 and Lime-Yellow green, surprisingly, a CA buyer needed it. I bought the Z as it had the fiberglass head light extension for my good Z, burnt orange, in Scottsdale. I just tapped a 280Z at 90 mph, he was going 85 and it cracked on the driver's side. My Z is still rust free, had it rustproofed with Ziebart when it returned to NY. They shot the cowl and firewall and strut towers. I bitched at them in 1975. Seems they were right, although ugly. Frame rails and rockers are pristine, and I drove through 2 feet of snow for a few years, as a friend was a skier above Hunter Moutain. Had an R-190 LSD, 4.44, as long as I did not stop, plowed through anything. Today I'm afraid of rain in any good car or truck that I drive. Good metal, and any top coat, say Sikkens or Spies on both sides of the panel will stop rust. I spray Imron on the frames and inside panels, as i get it dirt cheap, $25.00 a gallon. Really 3 qts, additive is the 4th qt, and no reducers. Very tough. Outer panels are dicey, unless a spotless spray booth.
  8. MoonPup, does it really matter that it was a 1969 or how many tens of thousands above any Z that it was bid, won and paid? In 1970, Z-28 continuation cars were less than the new 240Z from Japan. Even in 1972, 240Z and the sticker was above any LT-1 Z-28. That was not he point. Being professional and not trying to get any car, including the '78 Black Pearl for nothing IS THE POINT. Mike W., who, I hope is not Mike Walton from E-Bay? Despicable Seller. Dragged the Kawasaki into the mix. Alex won Daytona as well as few other races in Europe and was give a new Lexus sports car. His 280Z. went on the block, which was the E-Bay travesty. Contact me off the net, at Xstates@Verizon.net, and I'll give you blow by blow account. As a rider, and many free, new motorcycles, the Z was never driven, and service was documented. When something mechically needed attention or close to wearing out it was serviced with NOS parts. Do you know anything on the ECM, heating, ventilation, and AC sytems on a 280Z? Have you ever seen hot air exit the vents on acceleration on those and newer Z's with age, and AC running? Different ball game than an SU equipped Z. Point is NO NECHANICAL PROBLEMS with AC, low reading gauges, worthless factory struts: called PERFECTION. On hyper-critical people: Buying a Hemi Cuda or L-88 Camaro or 'Vette? Then beat it to death, as one was offered to me for 1.75 million in Peoria, two weeks ago. 638 code '78 280Z which is less money than a '86 Supra, possibly a '82 Celica with IRS, any Honda or Acura... is beyond reality, that is the point. Plus Ziebarted, perfect chassis, low miles, perfect interior & if unhappy, with the Sale, just pay the relisting fees. Both Alex and I have good jobs, and $3500. is two net, weekly pay checks. We or Alex should have wholesaled it to a dealer, for $2,500. 72 hours later with touch-up paint and detailing... $ 9,500.00 on a busy lot and Auto Trader. Point is the Z-28, irregardless of year, was 1,000 % more $$ than a 280Z, 75 less questions, 280Z scrutinized on every square inch of the car, including "why was there oil residue, by the filler cap. Chevy was not! Requested guarantees, on 2nd gear syncro, frame rails, and mileage, and then renegociation of the SP upon pick-up. Z-28 had none of that and identical mileage, condition and matching numbers. Moonpup ready for the Hemi, and 1.75 million, next week? I'll take the JPG's and e-mail them to you? Can you send me some jpgs of your cars, I must be missing something here? Rick PS Selling a W-30 442, and a '69 Camaro and '66 Nova, owner, Denver, 327 350 hp - Muncie. He will buy it, sight unseen. Misses the E-Bay experience, is that a mistake?
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4649925814&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESO%3AIT&rd=1 item # 464992581 AZ 240Z, DeesZ I agree with your postings, and quite similar to the 300ZX's I drive, my 240Z is and was a great car. Its on Pinnacle Peak Road now, and I'll take some pictures on Tuesday and a rust free Z, Ziebarted, ran very well in SCCA against Alpha's, 2002 Tii's. + 140 mph on straights at Bridgehampton with 2.4 litres and a stock bottom end with 9.0 compression seemed impressive. Mini-lites, Cannon/interpart headers, removal of the air pump are the variations from Original Equipment. RB cam & Kit plus Tilton SS valves are well concealed and idles at 850 rpm, redline is 1,800 rpm above factory. Black Pearl is a nice driver, with no known mechanical failures. Add Sikkens, a new dash, and probably some rechroming to keep-up with the fresh paint, would have it in show competition. New owner will probably just drive it to death, as it has 72K miles and bought for $3,500.-- Honda or Camry $$.
  10. RickX

    Z Head

    More #'s on the E-31
  11. RickX

    Z Head

    E-31 comparison
  12. RickX

    Z Head

    N-33 and NOS - jpegs
  13. RickX

    Z Head

    N-33 looks similar to an E-31 laying around except ports might be a few thousandths larger.
  14. Mike W. Real life, ever sell a Z and on E-Bay? Weeks of ineptitude, chiselers, and I did not see one family bidding or asking a question. 4 months prior, sold another Z with no problems, Z-28 and '69, 2nd day, higher bidder telephone agreed on price, and I told him to out bid everyone. Days later car was in Ohio, paid with minutes. Experience counts, not theory and assumptions!!!!!!!!!! One more Z to go and then a parts inventory with many NOS items and dashes. On 1200 Kawaski super bikes, none there, owner one Daytona, on one, got a new Lexus sports car as a reward, Black Pearl was of no value to him hence the sale. Needless to sale not one mechanical defect is an impressive record with a ECM and dozens of vacumn hoses and AC option. My favorite, - hyper critical people minus the COPO Camaro or Hemi Cuda.
  15. How's market segmentation,& decline in FMV since the peak in 1978 for the non-classic Black Pearl, like your's, and 1975 for the 240 OmegaZ which is three years before your first ownership, if Alzheimers has kicked-in and left left you math impaired Stephen Blakeney? Watch your P's and Q's with me, Stephen I don't take prisoners!!!!!!!!!! PS Non-running Espirit, same year will garner 300% more US GREENBACKS, which you missed entirely. All on E-Bay, if pictures are easier to follow than words? I hope an HHR is rear wheel drive? Most Chevy's are dogs? L-78 Camaro owner, best year, little 2002 SS replaced a Black WS-6, driver, a Cobra Jet here, a SSC Saleen there. Bunch of 300ZX are daily beaters, as they run when I turn the key every time for the last decade or so. How's that for being verbose? Next week, buying 4 Tanks for the US ARMY and Marines in Phoenix for the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, got any Rolls Royce packs in your 500 pound capacity pick-up? RickX
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