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  1. Today I picked up my centers from my incompetent powder man (who recently got fired). It took 2-months for them to get'em right. The first time he powdered over the old primer leaving these booger-like specks around the bolt holes and other fasteners. After prompting, they decided to media blast them. I have no pictures of them getting blasted, polished or powder coated but, I do have the before and after. The color is "Quaker Bronze". P.S: I'm still looking for fasteners. Before:rolleyes: After:love: Later
  2. Old thread, but still relevant. Takumi can order them new. http://www.takumiproject.com/RS-WATANABE2/products.htm Z fitment pics... http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/userspage_new/users.htm
  3. ^ ^Most definitely. I plan to get the centers powdered pewter and all fastening hardware replaced. Thanks for your swift response. I totally forgot that steel wool is a no-no on aluminum:stupid: Do you recommend any particular clear?
  4. The wheels lips have minor curbage and despite what "friends" think of them, I love them and I think they're the crowning jewel for the resto of my 240.....sx:cheeky: I was thinking of mounting them and spinning them while the sand paper and or steel wool remained stationary, in an effort to make'em shine. Opinions? Wheels Car
  5. You gotta remove the yellow chromate coating to get proper adhesion. This then poses a another question, is my new topcoat stronger than the chromate I'm removing? This pic illustrates what happened when I scraped the bolt with my fingertip, not even my fingernail. Also, I did uses green DupliColor etching primer. <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v726/JewGal/DSCN04381.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
  6. Don't let the pics of the Z fool you. It was wet and it's paint looks very dull and original. I have very few pics of my S13 so, here are some very old ones when I first got it started. It handled like a skateboard (all new bushings, coils, arms...) Now it's on jack stands (axle came undone prompting more upgrades ) hls30.com, Have any ties to Asian Automotive?
  7. Fortunately, I'm from Savannah Ga and I'm alway seeing classic Datsun's aound. I can't wait. My future car (hopefully the owner will take my offer tomorrow)...
  8. Hello all! I'm currently the owner of a 98 240sx and an 89 Silvia clone. I plan to purchase my first Z (1978) after I sell my 98 to a family member. It's so refreshing to join a board with members who rather help, than chastise :classic:
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