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    73' 240Z, British racing green, full body kit (colour coded) car is in mint condition, was my first car and i will never sell it

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  1. I've had mine going 135mph (215km/ph) but thats with a stanza SSS gearbox which is a slightly longer ratio than the stock 240. It could of been pushed further but I wasn't down for it cause she was already feeling floaty and unresponsive. Just depends on how willing you are to push it. Need a $^!# load of road though. Takes a fair while to get to those sorts of speeds.
  2. Yeah i am quite biased towards Nissan but hey good luck to ya, hope the conversion goes well. Drop me a line when its in cause i'd love to know how you went about it. Happy converting!!! Tim
  3. Wouldn't have a clue about RB20DET engines in America being in Australia and all but over here they are very fairly priced (probably cause were so close to Japan). No doubt you can 300hp out of a naturally aspirated 13b but you will have an engine with a short life span and hardly any torque! If you can find an RB20DET for a decent price then it would be they way to go and the housepower capabilities are huge only slightly more than the rota but high hp rotas don't like idling or driving normally, you either have to be going full throttle or not at all, you might want that but if its for road use you might get into trouble. Fact is you will never get any where near as much life and durability out of a 13b as you would out of the Nissan engine, keep that in mind.
  4. BAD BAD BAD BAD!!! Don't do it don't do it. You be going around putting Mazda parts in a Z!! Come on lets not be playing for both teams here!! Seriously though I would certainly be looking at this with a bit more thought. For the same amount on money you could put an RB20DET in it. Now threres an engine!! More power than the crappy rotary and much more durability. If you have any mates with rotas then you would probably know the problems they cause there owners. Yes if done properly it might be be kind of ok but theres just no comparision between a six and a rota anyway thats my view hope you take my advise, you won't regret it
  5. Sorry I meant 300kmph, 150mph is 240 kmph but that it still dam fast for a motorbke and to think you have 70 odd more kmph to play with (or 40 odd mph.) Thats what availiable when you own the fastest production bike around I guess.
  6. Have you hit the 300km mark on the Hayabusa?
  7. That is one nuts ****ing car right there!!!
  8. Is that a 240 modified to look like a ferrari or just a ferrari 250GTO replica? And do you own it or was it at a show
  9. That sounds like a reasonable price, thanks. I've got a 73' 240z with a deep British racing green skin. Had it for about four years now, at the moment all I have is extractors a mid cam and 10:1 compression. Still trying to weigh up whether to keep it naturally aspirated and chuck a set of tripple webers on it or go all out and give her a new turbo motor
  10. Cheers for the reply, if you could send me some info relating to the RB engines or give me a number of someone who I could contact about them that would be great.
  11. Hi, i am after an RB20DET with drivetrain, could you give me a price on one. Tim from Oz
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