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  1. You got to learn to laugh at yourself. Your standard of workmanship probably does t see too many mistakes like this , but it will happen to the best of us. I’ve done many dumb things like this , but I do learn - until I do something different dumb - lol. I would still like to have your skills for efficiency and class of work any day !
  2. Now that’s funny
  3. Timing ! We all make the mistakes . My latest project my Nissan 720 I put the dizzy 180 degrees out on my brand new rebuild . Just wasn’t paying close enough attention . But wait - still wouldn’t start, just sputtered . Find out later that my carb adapter was not tight - AT ALL! Sucking a little too much air . After that engine fires right up
  4. I would think .080 head thickness reduction would be difficult at best to maintain proper valves timing without shims. First you would be slotting your chain guides to slide them over enough to make up for the serious chain slack. I wouldn’t trust doing it without shims unless I could degree the cam. The cool part of that p79 trick with the taller valves is I believe you don’t have to mess with lash pad adjustments ( Guy can verify ) if you keep the stock cam or a slightly modified cam. I currently run my E88 with .050 cut off with no shims. I did degree my Isky cam . I am actually running 8 degrees advance on the cam .
  5. I assisted with painting my car that was done in a garage. It all went well with the base coat, it the clear coat turned into a nightmare . Our ceiling exhaust fan filter decided to come apart while painting the clear. Picked crap out of the paint and shot more clear over the holes to blend the clear. Winded up with using a gallon and a half of clear. Made for fun color sanding . So kudos to you for getting those results in a garage !
  6. Take a close look - it will NEVER look that new, clean , pretty again 🙂
  7. That’s a lot of shaving to get that CR! I’m gathering at least .080 . Does the n47 have the D shaped biased ports ? Not sure there’s enough in common between the heads to compare - but like you be glad to hear it run
  8. Might be comparing apples to oranges going from a 2.4 to a 2.8 with a small chamber head. I bet it goes . Not a lot of combos like this to compare too. One member on here is running the 54/mn47 but I can’t remember who. Anywho, waiting on my Potter cam to come in to finish this engine build. I am trying to resist the forces of going straight to my 3.2, but it’s tough. I really want to prove a point( might be wrong) , that this head is a really good option for a build.
  9. We are our worst critics . Looks like you are doing this at your own garage and not a paint booth . I can see how straight the doors are from the pics . I am retired now and still would have a hard time dedicating that much time( energy). I would like to work on Z ‘s in retirement for some fun and mad money for myself, but it’s still work at times.
  10. Truly amazing . The paint looks gorgeous. How many hours a week do you devote to Z work?
  11. What diff do you have ? And did safety wire the bolts?
  12. Apples to oranges - I have the Subby STI diff, so that might things different for me as far as noises. The design might have also evolved to something different also.
  13. I might be wrong - but get ready for some clunking in the rear. There seems to be excessive radial movement in the joint - slop. Supposedly these axles were engineered more specifically for 4wd vehicles. I’m not going to pretend I’m an engineer , but there are some unhappy folks with these. Now I’ve put them thru some serious stress testing , but my HP isn’t to your level. Just today I was under the car cleaning and inspecting and couldn’t find see anything wrong . Initially when I bought these the instructions were okay, but had the wrong torque value on the Allen bolts and I stripped one. After a phone call I got it straightened out. Safety wiring is a bitch .
  14. Some dizzies have 17 degrees of vacuum advance so I guess you could see that much with the advance plugged in. There’s a chart out there that tells how much advance based on dizzie number .
  15. Yep- disconnect that vacuum advance . Does it miss at lower rpm pulling a slight hill? How did you know it was 50 degrees ? Was this just revving in the driveway? Ignition issues like to show up with heavy loading at lower rpms -especially if it’s lean. Have you checked your mechanical advance operates smoothly?
  16. It sure if anyone has interest in my truck project , but it’s actually starting to look like something . Always kind of fun getting the body panels on after being off for a year- oh yeah- that’s what it looked like -lol. really anxious to get the motor in and be able to move this thing around. It’s slowing me down not being able to move it to the studio. This will be a fun install. A very tall motor in a tall truck - it will be close !
  17. I run the BWT -5 with 3.90 gears. 1st gear is mostly useless . In 4th it’s not bad, but I have a cammed motor. My motor just starts to smooth out at 3500+ rpm. I’m just starting to get in my power band. Like to have taller 1st and 2nd gears , but makes for a very quick launch.
  18. I’ve considered new strut rubber mounts solely for the reason of NVH. After years of abuse I would think the rubber gets work hardened and brittle and does not absorb the road noise as well. How much can we ask from 45 year old rubber parts ? One reason I have NOT gone the coil over design is because of the pillow mount which eliminates the rubber cushion . These cars ride harsh enough with stiffer springs and shocks , then connect everything without rubber - eek. I guess it depends on your usage . I’m looking for more refinement in my ride and still have it sporty . I’ve considered new strut mounts to help with this. As far as OEM vs aftermarket , a 100$ difference for 4 items I can do . Ideally I’d like adjustable Koni and all new rubber with my ST Springs . Camber can be achieved by slotting the mounting holes for the insulators , but some might not feel comfortable with that.
  19. Have you run the engine enough to pull the plugs and look? Terrapin has a good point. Had the same issue of one carb being lean( equals 3 cylinders) . Not sure if you are running a vacuum advance or not, but if she’s real lean and not enough timing she’s going to balk.
  20. This pic jars my memory
  21. You should have my number if you want to talk about it.
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