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  1. It is the RLS30 number. Thanks for all of the replies.
  2. Where would I find the vin number on my 260z?
  3. it just feels like the gear doesn't exsist. I have tried every single way that ya'll mentioned but none of them work. There's no grinding at all. If you put it into reverse it will just sit yhere or roll if you are on a hill. I'll go take a look at the reverse fluid.
  4. Howdy guys. Its been a while since I've gotten onto this site and I'm sure nobody remembers who I am (if they ever knew). But anyways, I have a small problem with my 74 260, the reverse is out. I've been perfectly fine with pushing it out of certian parking spots but now that school is coming back in it is just way too hectic in the parking lot to do such a thing. I'm figuring that the transmission fluid must be very dirty, therefore, it will not go in reverse. What I am asking is how would I get about draining the transmission fluid to refill it. I have fairly good mechanical prowess so I doubt that anything wouldn't be that hard of a task for me. Thanks
  5. Thanks all for the information. I haven't put it on yet due to the fact that I have a couple stripped nuts (like it is on everything I do on this car) so I have to find some way to work around that. Also, it is like the urethane one in the way that you have to drill your own holes.
  6. Hi all ya'll again. I recently bought a front air dam from MSA (this one) and I was wondering if there was any place on the internet with some kind of instructions on how to put it on. I know how to take off the factory part and I would most likely know how to put the new one on without any instructions. But I thought I would try to get some ideas first. Thanks for any answers.
  7. Well I get home from a wonderful day of school today because all I was thinking about was getting my car back when I hear awful news. It appears that there is some kind of transmission leak in the car. And since my dad just payed the guy earlier today so I could go up there and get it right away, he will probaly just take his time on it. Which means I will probaly not have my baby back untill Wednesday or Thursday. Its been way too long.
  8. Hello everybody, sorry about the delay in posts. For the people who would like to know, my car is running although I do not have it back yet. The guy that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, went and took the engine out of his son's 280zx, rebuilt it, and put it in my car. I'm not sure what year the car is (but if I can remember correctly it looked like an '82) but I will figure out tomorrow when I pick the car up. I also have new SU carbs, new back brakes, and a new hood (so much for my christmas). I was suppose to pick the car up last Friday but my parents didn't tell me so when I didn't come home from school until 11:00 it was kind of too late. But I get it tomorrow and am in the happiest mode right now. Man nothing can bring me down. I'll update tomorrow after I drive around all day.
  9. Yes, the car in my avator is in fact my avator. I am really starting to think against a V8 for all the reasons that both of ya'll ponted out. Zrush: when you say put in the engine that is suppose to be in tere do you mean the 2.6 L or do you think it is wise to put in the F54? I'm just trying to get as much info as I can.
  10. I own a 260z with the stock engine in it (it is/was my daily driver). A couple days ago I was driving and all of a sudden the engine locked up. I got my dad to help me tow it home the next morning and I thought that all I needed was a new cam so I wasn't that worried. My auto shop guy, who all he does is work on Zcars and has been for over thirty years, told me that the engine was gone and that I needed an entirely new one. Everyone is telling me to get a new car but like many of you on this site know, you cannot just get rid of your Z, that it is a part of you. So my question is: What type of engine would be best to put into it? An RB and SR are out of the question because of the price (or at least the RB because I don't remeber how much the SR costs ($4,000?)) so I think I am stuck with either the 280zx F54 or a small block chevy (396?) or just if all else fails another 260z engine. I don't really know which would be better and money is a big issue in the decission here. Thanks all very much for your help, Derek
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