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  1. Emil

    Racecar replica

    Alan, I have been diging around in the law books and did some asking, and it seems that the rules for pre 1979 cars are not that strict. So I could make my car look like Yanagida's (the pictures you posted) and get it street legal. Would you be willing to assist me in making a 'shopping list', locating the parts I need, and in general share your knowledge of these Nissan works racers? Kind regards Emil
  2. Emil

    Racecar replica

    Alan, The 280Z I have in mind for this project does not have a Dutch license yet. So my plan was to put a g-nose on it and get it registered as a 280ZG. There is a loophole in the law that allows for a so called 'Individual license'. That is used for cars that are not sold or have been sold in Europe. Two years ago I bought a 280Z 2+2 in Los Angeles and had to go that course. In the end it turned pretty simple, after spending almost a month to find the right department. We ended up creating a new legislation document for a 280Z 2+2 Automatic dated August 2003 based on my car. Now if anyone in
  3. Emil

    Racecar replica

    Allan, I know that model kit makers try to make the most money out of their toolings, but I hoped that Fujimi would have represented an actual car, because it is a very important part of their racing history. The reasons for me choosing this particular car (only knowing the Fujimi version) was the pretty asymmetrical color scheme, the elegant look of a ZG (the 'normal' race version are too heavy for my taste) and the fact that it is an almost streetlegal version. Strictly speaking adding a G-Nose to a Z makes it illegal by Dutch law, but that can be overcome by pointing out that it was an offi
  4. Emil

    Racecar replica

    Alan, Thanks for the information. I did not have that much background. What I found was that the car started as an almost plain 240ZG and with almost every race and year was equipped with more and bigger bodysculptures. The car as represented by the Fujimi kit is a stock 240ZG with, I think, Watabe wheels. Attached is a picture of the artcover of the Fujimi kit. I just love the colorscheme. Emil Stojanov
  5. Hi guys, I have a 'spare' Z that I would like to rebuild to look like a 240ZG racecar. The original that I have in mind is the car that is supposed to have participated in the Fuji 1000 in 1971 or 1972. The only reference I have is an old scalemodel kit (1/24 scale) from Fujimi. I have the following questions for you: 1. Has anyone information of this car (descriptions/pictures) 2. Where to buy a G-Nose, headlight covers and ZG flares I know that MSA has a g-nose kit, but they don't have headlight covers. In another thread someone mentioned sources in Japan, but no further sites specified. Tha
  6. Can anybody tell me what kind of petrol does a 240 need? Leaded or unleaded. This particular car is a 1972 US 240Z with a complety stock engine. At the moment i'm using an lead-alternative to enrich the petrol, just to be on the save side, but it is pretty expensive stuff, and when the engine doesn't need it I will be glad to get rid of it. Thanks Emil
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