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  1. Any qualified trimmer should be able to match your specifications. I have always used vinyl dye myself with excellent results that have lasted 8 years and counting.
  2. NR240

    1973 240Z. HS30 102296

    Sure thing. Colour is from a 2001 Maserati 3200GT (Pic of this car in my gallery). Colour Code is 231246 "Giallo Granturismo". I searched well over 20 yellow's and decided on this one. Like you, I was very worried when it came to choosing one. There are many bad yellows that spoil a 240Z and it's hard to know which one to go for. I am very pleased with the end result, and have no regrets. Best of luck.
  3. NR240

    Red 240 interior

    72240Z Don't quote me on this one, but I do recall a conversation with a parts supplier; apparently the part number for the centre console (73 240Z) is actually incorrect. Therefore when you look it up, and attempt to order it, it comes back NLA. This does not surprise me as I have ordered many parts that have the wrong part listed and number. For instance, I think one of my Ball joints was listed as a "right hand armrest"? I don't know the part number of the console, or if this information is correct, I just recall hearing this somewhere, it may be worthwhile investigating the aspect.
  4. NR240

    1973 240Z. HS30 102296

    I appreciate your comments. There was a time not that long ago, where I would search the net looking for inspiration and ideas for wheels/paint/interior etc. It feels good to know that maybe my choices will help others in their journey. The wheels are custom made. 17 x 7" Simmons OM Design. 3 Piece Wheel.
  5. NR240

    Red 240 interior

    Regarding New Centre Console I am not sure if you are in the NDSOC (Melbourne) Club? The club has many affiliated members with contacts at Nissan Motor Company, and various parts suppliers. I sourced a brand new centre console for $350 AUD. Pics in gallery Last month at a club meeting I saw another "brand new" centre console being sold for the same price. It might be worthwhile having a look at this option.
  6. NR240

    engine bay 240

    Very nice Indeed! What is the gauge mounted where the mechanical fuel pump would normally be??
  7. NR240

    yellow 260Z

    It takes balls of steel to paint her yellow, as we know it can make or break a car! I love your colour! its far more "Yellow" than mine but congratulations!! I bet it looks awesome on a 30 degrees day in full sunlight!!
  8. I have never seen full skins or even 3/4 skins available anywhere in the world that fit well. I have seen door skin "bottom section" reproductions that only cover a few inches of the door. My skins were hand rolled and fabricated using original specifications to match the door frame and body exactly, of course this will cost $$$ however in my experience is the only way to guarantee a true alignment.
  9. What Nissan Colour is it? what car is it from?
  10. I applaud this decision! If your gonna do it, do it properly. The Z does look good minus a rear bar, but you have gotta do the panel work on the rear quarters for it to look good. Well done!!
  11. NR240

    Red 240 interior

    I have never seen a Red 240 Interior in Australia before (I wonder if we got any?) Remember you can use Vinyl Spray or Paint to colour those hard plastic interior items. My Interior panels were all tan (as my car was originally 113 green Metallic). I used the dye to colour them all black, even the door trim panels. I used some "ready made" cans of vinyl dye to colour them. It has been at least 6 or 7 years since, and it has never scratched or rubbed off. You can even use vinyl or leather softening cream to help maintain the panels later on and it does not effect it. So you could quite easily purchase said panel in another interior colour, and simply colour it red (I am sure you could find a colour close to factory standards, and if not, you can get it mixed). Of course, for continuity purposes, you would need to colour the rest of the car as well. Just something to consider, if you cannot source a good red one Nigel
  12. NR240


    Looks really good!! Nice shade of Yellow too, what car is the color from?
  13. NR240

    I like this photo

    This is the 2nd 240Z I have seen with Dual Exhausts. Looks great, is unique, and sounds awesome!!... Trust me.... if u pull up at the lights next to this car... no guess as to who everyone is lookin at!!!!
  14. NR240

    Front of Z Driver Side

    I may be able to help with the "Factory Black Stripes" that bolt on to the Bumper bar. Let me know...
  15. NR240

    MSA Style speaker Box

    Me too!... it only appears in photo's. It seems to sag in between rivet mounts. Oh well.... let's face it.. who is lookin back when driving a Zed anyway!!!
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