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  1. My father in-law told me the day after I married his daughter this memorable quote " if its got t_ts or wheels it'll cost you". I think he was right although I've spent more for her than either of my two Z's. House, her own car, college tuition etc, etc. , oh well its worth it right guys!
  2. hls30 is exactly right. I bought a beautiful looking 73 in 1995, it had no rust that you could see and was undercoated. But under the carpet and under the tar paper stuff Nissan stuck down was rust like crazy. The undercoating held together enough to look solid until you took a screwdriver and poked around. The undercoating was in some places almost a quarter inch thick. Look carefully!! And much luck to you.
  3. Hey Steve, Is the BRE spoiler painted? Does it have the flat spot on the right side to put the emblems on?
  4. Can you turn the engine over by hand with the dampner bolt? If so you might check the fusible link at the starter solenoid. Might be loose or burnt up. If a stick shift, have someone give you a push start. If engine wont turn over by hand I suggest pulling spark plugs, squirt in some light oil and let sit for a moment. Let the oil work into the top rings to break any bond to the cylinder wall. I bought a 72 once that had hydro locked due to bad head gasket. Took the plugs out and when I turned her over, water shot out 3 of the plugs holes. Keep us informed on your progress. Much luck.
  5. Looks like a roll cage in there? Goes around corners well?
  6. What about taking the CSI electric water pump and reversing the direction of the motor. Still have to reverse the impeller though. Might be better than changing belts and adding idlers and such. Here is a link to that page: http://www.csiperformance.com/water_pump3.html
  7. In my area we have a shop called Soda Blasters. They use high pressure and baking soda for blasting. It doesnt harm the metal at all. Check your yellow pages, my shop will come to your car and do the job on the driveway. They did the engine bay in my dad's Olds Cutlass and it was awesome. Even if they hit non metal parts it didnt hurt. Or you could take smaller items to them as I did on suspension pieces and wheels.
  8. I met my wife in 1987, she was driving a 75 280Z. Her dad made her trade the car in for something "more reliable". I still hold a grudge on him for that. He talked her into buying a 79 Plymouth Horizon TC3. What a dumbass. The Z ended up being stolen off the car lot and trashed out in the country in a ditch.
  9. ChrisA

    Final 8

    Looks great, I have same wheels on my 73. Beautiful paint job.
  10. Wish I could find those in Nebraska!! Great starter project.
  11. I was thinking that some of the alloy wheels off the earliest 280ZX's also fit the 240Z. Seems like I have seen quite a few galleries with the "Iron Cross?" wheel on some cars. I used to run some 280ZX wheels that looked like a honey comb on a 280Z chassis. They came off one of the first Turbo'd Z. I dont remember having any clearance issues with them and I do believe they were 16". Hope this might help.
  12. On my 73 I am running 16 x 7 Koenig Monsoon rims with 38mm offset. I had to purchase custom wheel spacers made by John Williams machine shop in California. I have seen the spacers listed somewhere else on the web but cant remember where. I have heard that some older 4 bolt wheels off Mustang 2's will fit the car also.
  13. Okay guys, I just picked up an early 1978 280 five speed to put into my 72 with an automatic. The big question is, will the clutch and brake pedals from the 280 fit into the 240? I thought that the supporting structure in the dash looked different. I have no problems modifying parts but I hope I dont have to. I am sure I will need the driveshaft out of the 280 as well right? thanks in advance for the help.
  14. Thanks for replying Chuck. I guess I should have said "Do any 260Z or 280Z brake boosters fit onto the 240Z chassis?" No local source for new or reman in my area. Salvage yard has 4 280Z's but I dont know if the part would fit the 240. Thanks Guys!
  15. Anybody know which brake boosters will fit on my August of 72 240Z? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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