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    1976 280Z GT2 complete tube-frame - built in 2000 (yellow)
    F54 block with E31 head, nissan comp headers and electramotive direct drive 5-speed

    1976 280Z GT2 factory tub (red) original block with N42 head - now sold, but get to race against it now...

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  1. http://www.housemanautosport.com/ If all else fails, Jamie can make you any part you may need.
  2. Original Electramotive sticker still on the housing !! These transmissions were originally prepared to be hooked up to an oil cooler, all one has to do is plumb it with the proper fittings and hoses, obviously....
  3. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 32010-N3130 2.906 1.902 1.308 1.000 0.864 (close ratio) 32010-N3030 3.321 2.077 1.308 1.000 0.864 (wide ratio) 32010-N3220 2.818 1.973 1.470 1.192 1.000 32010-N3221 2.348 1.601 1.296 1.138 1.000 32010-N3222 2.192 1.601 1.470 1.138 1.000 32010_N3201 3.321 2.270 1.601 1.240 1.000 (rally transmissions)
  4. http://photoshare.shaw.ca/messages/viewthumb/7736358452-1182748418-24948/preview/page/1/ Here is a link for anyone who wishes to see the inner workings of a comp box I just had repaired. Can take a few more pics, but they would be of it put together.....
  5. RsKar

    280 Z

  6. Have a L28 - F54 block with an E31 at 13:5 compression, cosworth pistons, etc. etc. Broke the crank (right behind the last journal, so, the head is intact) and the #6 main cap, block has some blueing due to heat in that one journal. Now the question is, without having to toss an extremely well prepped block, what are my options? Having trouble locating a main cap to begin with, so I'm thinking of making 1,2,3,5 & 6 main caps of billet steel. If someone has a main cap, that would be great as the plan then would be to shot peen all the caps, line bore, cross-drill and balance the crank. Head would get new valves, springs, etc.
  7. RsKar

    Turn 9

    Its around 1,950 lbs, car only. Has a metal roof, so its possible to get some top heavy weight off if desired...
  8. RsKar

    Turn 9

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