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  1. I have 2 of the 1:43 scale Kyosho 240Z's and they are nice. I have seen the larger (1:18th??) scale ones and they are nice too . I've also got a Sun Star 240. I don't think it is quite as nice as the Kyosho's but it's pretty close and a bit less expensive. The Franklin Mint 240 is the best I've see but it's priced accordingly and not easy to get. Do a web search for the brand names or maybe check out www.diecastx.com. They deal with diecast and plastic models. Todd
  2. 1971 240Z with 2.8L, cam, headers. 5 speed and ZX wheels. A little rough around the edges but a blast to drive.
  3. You didn't mention which carbs you currently have or what the problem is. It is common to replace the "flat top" SU's with the earlier "round top" ones. The earlier (70-73) were not encumbered so much with pollution stuff and are easier to work on and provide better power. Once you get to '74( the 260Z carbs) look out. Some people have had success with them but the earlier ones are better. It's not difficult to switch but you need all the pieces (ie: linkages etc). If you are considering doing this you will want to find a good set of used early carbs (or buy a set outright from Z Therapy). Finding a good set will take time and cost a couple hundred bucks and may still require some TLC to get them right. Buying a set from ZTherapy will cost $500+ but they are a work of art and are set up beautifully (and come with a training video to help you install and adjust them) Post any questions you have to this forum or to the IZCC forum (check out www.zhome.com) What you're thinking of doing has been done plenty'o' times with great success. Todd
  4. Keep the dash out of the sun and extreme temperature swings. A window shade or cloth cover to throw over the dash while the car is parked is cheap insurance. Some people swear by Armor All and others swear at it. It's a personal choice and I have heard both sides. My dash is too far gone to worry about it either way. Keep the dash covered and pray you never have to take it out. Thats the one thing that will crack any old dash Todd
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