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  1. This may be a stupid comment but doesn't it look as though they grill stops when it should keep going? Is this maybe just the year of the car or do they all have it. Is there someplace that sells an extension or replacement? has this been noticed by others or is it just me? I want to take the bumper off but don't think it would look right without a full grill.
  2. Upon closer inspection I've found that there are indeed spots that have that have gone past the chrome plating. Is there such thing as chrome re-plating? I'm talking about a bumper and don't even know if I'm going keep it. Would it be better to just try to find one at a junkyard?
  3. Just a quick question. what do you guys use to clean the chrome on your cars? Will steel wool and Brasso work?
  4. thanks a lot. i appreciate the help and will get back to you as soon as I can investigate further
  5. Hey thanks a lot. How do you guys learn these things? Do you just mess around with stuff and pick it up as you go? I've tried this and learned (rather quickly) that I'm not good at this. I've broken three different things in one day just trying to figure out how something worked! Anyways I do appreciate the help.
  6. I was going to ask you guys what the advantages and disadvantages of switching my distributor for an electronic ignition would be but I'm beginning to feel really stupid. Is there an auto 101 website that I can go to? thanks
  7. When I get up to about 70 mph on the highway my trunk pops open!! I don't mean to say that the whole thing actually opens but instead that the latch becomes unlatched. It even happens when I lock it! I've tried pulling it up when not moving but it doesn't budge. What's going on? Quick fix?
  8. After reading all your profiles, it seems there's a common thread that binds most of you. You all have very sophisticated (or at least sophisticated-sounding) occupations. I saw Hydrologist, Pharmacist, International Sales Director, and something with NASA. Are all z-drivers owners of such proud titles? Does this mean that I too will one day have title like that? Or... is it that only those with hefty incomes can afford to deal with trials and tribulations involved with working on a Z and I'm actually screwed? Just an observation
  9. sorry bout the lack of info but I don't really know what I have. I have a '73 and assume everything is stock. I thought I read somewhere that the pollution laws came into effect something like mid-1972 and that the '73 carbs were especially bad due to the fact that they had just started making them. I realize that this is in every Z-car forum like a million times but its hard to find answers to specific questions... and I'm lazy.
  10. I've been visiting many websites and seen many people talk about switching out their carbs and replacing them with older ones. Is this a common practice? What are the advantages/ disadvantages? What would it cost? Is there a cut-off on the years (ex. up to 76 the carbs are good but after that they're crap) Should an individual with severe income limitations such as myself even consider this? Sorry about all the questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Can anyone tell me what is happening in this picture?
  11. Yello! My name is Brett and I live in sunny CA. I'm 19, going to community college in hopes of eventually transferring to UCLA to major in chemical engineering. I got my '73 240z about 9 months ago. It's been all I could do to keep the thing running much less fix it up. I guess my limited income (McDonalds) and the fact that I know next to nothing about cars has hindered me a little. I joined this posting to learn stuff so please don't become annoyed at the multitude of questions that I ask.
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