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  1. So, looking at pictures, vids etc, it looks like there's a pressure line (copper?). In the owner's workshop manual, I don't see it on the sectional view for the HMB 46W but there is a small brass connector sticking up out of a squarish protrusion above the throttle valve plate, and I'm guessing that, based on the removal instructions and the video's I've watched of removal, that is the "distributor vacuum pipe". If I go through all the items in the owner's workshop manual which are to be disconnected during removed, I see the following: coolant hose fuel supply pipes air
  2. Teflon suit on - Check Here goes... Ok, first post here and relatively new Z owner (1.5yrs, 260z 2+2 Auto). The car has weber 32/36 conversion with all the smog stuff removed. It runs decently well, but is rich at idle and takes a bit of cranking (6+) to start if it sits longer than 2 days. It doesn't have a lot of power but I don't really know the baseline. The engine runs smooth, and it definitely pulls ok, but I think it's probably in the 75% range of what it could do if tuned properly. It has a resonator and catalytic converter and original exhaust manifold. I recently switch
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