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  1. In the first pic, u can see a bucket and other stuff through the car. Maybe that’s the tail light hole though.
  2. Thanks! Looks like you have the fender off. Can I do all this with just the interior panels removed?
  3. I’ve got the same issue (can’t drive more than 20min w/o smelling like a gas station) with my ‘73 240. I’ve got the original block and air box, but with the ‘70-‘72 carbs. Any help on checking fuel lines and carbs would be great.
  4. Good call EuroDat. I ended up cutting a slot in the agreeably soft aluminum of the new housing. Upon installing, I found that it went in past the slot anyway. I thought maybe I had installed it too far in, but it works fine, so I left it. Speedo works, no more leaks!
  5. So, in comparing the old and new housings, it looks like the offset in the shaft hole faces the opposite direction. In the pic, the locking shoulder in both is facing the same way. You can see the gear in the new housing over hangs to the right, but the hole in the old one is closer to the left. I’m going to see if I can put a shoulder on the opposite side of the new housing.
  6. Hi, So at this point for the tranny leak game, it’s me: 2, 73 Z: 1. The slave cylinder and reverse switch are replaced, not leaking, and working perfectly. Unfortunately, I can no longer tell how fast I’m going. I got the speedo pinion out, and it looks like it’s not the first time out of the car. Somebody had done some delicate work on it with a big set of vice grips. I went ahead and got a new one, and it looks exactly like the one in EuroDat’s procedure above. It was quite a bit different than the heavy steel one that I took out. It seemed to match up, so I stuck it back in. Good news,
  7. They’re all leaking down the casing. I’ll take another look at the slave. Thanks.
  8. Ok, I’ll do some stretching and try again. Thanks.
  9. I’m trying to adjust the passenger side hinges on my 73Z. The door is hard to close and the gaps don’t match. In the 73, the hinges are still threaded, which is awesome, because I didn’t want to take the fender off. Unfortunately, there are a slew of relays and connections mounted to/through the fiber board interior panel. I’m down to one screw, but am not contortionist enough to get it out. Has anyone done this before? Do I need to take the dash out? Thanks!
  10. I’ve got a new (to me) 73 Z, and I’ve got leaks from the 3 devices mounted to the transmission. They all leak down the outside of the housing. I’ve found a drawing that calls them the speedo drive, reverse lamp switch, and the clutch slave cylinder. I’ve only been able to find a part number for the o-ring for the speedo, and not much info on how to get at them. Does anyone have the part numbers for the 3 o-rings or seals? Anybody done these before? I’m really hoping to change them without dropping the tranny. Thanks!
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