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  1. Thanks, im new to the transmission stuff and this might go out of the original question but i don't want to create a new post, how do i check the gears?. I know i have to rotate the input shaft but, how do i get them to change when the transmission is like that?
  2. I bought the oven cleaner and is like magic, as for the weld f its not going to affect anything i might just clean it and leave it.
  3. I pull the transmission out of an engine which is been sitting for 25 years and i found at the bottom a hole in the bell housing surrounded by white powder, my best opinion is that the aluminum rot and is just disintegrating. Im cleaning as much of the transmission as i can but i dont really know of any good product to use so i going a little slow. Is the hole is going to have any negative impact? How can i fix it as to prevent the spread and maybe cover it?
  4. I got the engine, transmission, headers and pieces of the trim i needed, the guy gave me more things that he said in the ad for free. I will start reading and checking how to take things apart, i rotated the engine and it seems good and will all accessories.
  5. Is a 5 speed and the area i live is florida, the guy tells me he has most if not all the extras for the engine but i will have to see. Thank you so much for remembering me about the extras, i could have let slide that so easily, you night have just save me a lot of trouble.
  6. Certainly the internal condition will be unknown until its open, i plan to rebuild it but i don't want to open it to find the block is crack in half or that i have to replace the entire head. The guy says that the Engine turns over nicely by hand, im going to assume that is what you say about rotating the valve train with a socket. I was just looking at visual checks that tell me if the engine has suffer any mayor damage, other from that inspecting the transmission and driveshaft, any tips for those?. I dont want to tune the engine to get more power, i dont know how great of a platform they are, but for now i just want to get the car and enjoy it as it was manufactured. Down the road i plan to engine swap with a 1995 BMW M3 engine or similar, im currently reading more about that swap. How is the resale value for the l28 engines? I don't know if its even possible to resell that engine once rebuild.
  7. My 78 280z is currently a rolling chassis and i need basically every piece on the engine bay, a guy is selling his l28 engine + transmission, driveshaft and wire harness for $750. I don't know much about these engines and how to inspect them. He says is a N42 block with N47 head in it and it has over 150k miles pulled from a car t-boned in 1995. I wanted to see what is the price for one of these engines and what checks should i make while inspecting it. Same thing for transmission and driveshaft
  8. If i do the primer now with a good brand and in a few months i want to paint, will the prime need to be redone again from bare metal or i can get away with just sanding this one. If im going to do it expensive i rather do it good the first time, do i need to protect the primer in any way?
  9. Sure, as for now the car is a rolling shell without engine transmission and many other things missing, sadly i cant put the car indoors for a while so im doing my best for it not to rust. I was going to buy the Homeshades primer, but since you told me that i might just use the cans i already have for the interior. What primer do you recommend, i dont know how to differentiate between waterproof or not.
  10. thanks for the help, 50-80grit worked wonders with it, i just want the coat for a few months, can i get away with a cheap 1$ per can one? i plan to do it again when is time to actually paint completely the car. The forum you directed is impressive, i will asks more questions there, thanks.
  11. I bought a 280z to restore,but lack knowledge on how to do the paint and protect the Z from rust. I'm starting with both the front fenders on that condition. My idea was to sand until bare metal and prime it for the time being. Although im not sure of correct way to do it taking whatever is on there is being and im considering paint stripper although i don't know what layers are on there. What would be the best way to do it?
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