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  1. Ah thank you, I will try this and let you all know if I have any luck.. Thank you very much for all the info! 🙂
  2. Sweet that works, thank you! 🙂
  3. Ahh thank you for that link, seems very helpful! You're probably right I might just fall in love with this engine but I was hoping to expand my personal collection of v8 engines. The only problem I have run into was whenever I did get this engine running, I heard a strange knocking sound that seemed to go away after a while, but this was still very strange to me. It is a possibility that from sitting that long it might have just needed to knock some things loose! haha! Anyways another problem I was having was the clutch pedal spring was not doing its job of bringing the pedal back to my foot,
  4. Gotcha well I was able to find some pictures, I know I have a video somewhere but I couldn't find that one but anyways here is proof that the light motors and everything does work so if your friends who might want a Porsche let me know!
  5. Sounds good I do have some pictures somewhere but if I can't find them I'll just go take some new ones. I do not know how to use a multimeter but I for sure can learn.. My original plan before even joining this forum was to engine swap this car, resto-mod it and make it into a drifting machine, I now understand that making this into a drifting car would not be a smart move. However do you think it is still possible to engine swap it and make the interior modern (changing out the seats, restoring the dash, roll cage possibly?) Those are just ideas but I think I do want to try and engine swap an
  6. Yes Yes!! I am trying to get it running before I head off to college in give or take 6 months. I have downloaded that manual but I need some more instruction, is there any way I can direct message you or give you a call? thanks! 🙂
  7. My friend also had bought a 928 and he said the same thing as you hahaha! I will definitely have to add this on the no purchase list, thanks for reaching out and giving me the link to that website ill do more research on it! 😄
  8. I don't know much on this car but i'd love to research more about it, sounds like a blast to drive though! 🙂
  9. Man I never noticed these cars were used for drifting, thanks for the advice ill look into it.. And thank you, I hope to continue to revive his legacy have a great day!
  10. No worries, the red c3 was my fathers from when he was in high school and its been in the back of my head since I heard that used to be his.. Whenever I get enough money I would like to bring it to a shop here in Beaumont and get it fixed up for him, since he misses it. The rolls royce is another car that I would like to keep in the collection, as in a few years it could be worth more than it is now. And lastly the Datsun is a car that I have been trying to get fixed up for the past few months but I'm struggling on it haha!
  11. hmm I suppose i'll have to look into that, thanks for the heads up! 🙂
  12. haha he sure did, he seemed to find something so unique in every car he owned.. he even used to have 2 DeLorean's, a red and black one which have sold unfortunately.. 😞
  13. Haha yes it is! I would have to talk to my dad about it but I was able to get this one started last week, doesn't seem to be in as bad of shape as some of the others... The only problem other than the dust is that the seats are in tough shape. I would give you a price but I'm unsure, what's your asking price (let me know if you want me to send you more info on it)
  14. These are the cars that we have stored in our warehouse. Just to be clear my grandfather passed away in 2011 and 2 years ago I discovered these cars and realized how badly kept they have been. I am only 18 and I am trying to restore as many as possible. I have successfully restored a 1994 Mustang Cobra (indie-500 edition) that was no easy task but this has led me into my passion for cars. I understand these cars are in bad shape, but I am doing what I can to hopefully make my grandfather proud.. Lastly, some of these cars have not been driven or started in over 25 years... Which is extremely s
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