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  1. Thanks siteunseen and Mark! I managed to stop it from pouring out by cleaning everything inside the float chamber. however, it still runs terribly bad... sort of Coughs itself forward :/. any Other suggestions? thanks!!!
  2. Ok, this is bad. One carburator is actually leaking/spitting out gasoline the wrong way, though the air intake. Next step remove and clean the carb? The float misfunctioning? Other ideas?? thanks! IMG_5993.MOV
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions!! I will check if I find any water in the float chambers and also the fuel filters.. Then move on to ignition... ? hopefully I can get it to work..
  4. Do you think that the new condenser went bad after 20h of doing fine? Hope I still have the old one... thanks.
  5. It’s the first time it acts like this! Just started a couple of days ago. It happens both under load and during idle., however was more noticable at higher rpms First. yes, I checked the gap on the points at least. And! They’ve been working like a charm for 20 hours (at least). any ideas? ?
  6. Hi, I almost didn’t make it all the way home today since my 240z -73, 5 spd, now runs terribly bad! ? it sort of looses all power/fuel (?) pressure, the Roms drop and then milliseconds later picks up again. please see the attached video!! I suspect the issue arose after I left the car outside during a Rainy night, however that might just conincide with the issue... Anyhow, first it just dropped power a couple of Times during a 30 min drive, but since then it has only been worse, and now I can barely drive it. And then it works fine for a couple of minutes, then back to worse. Anyone with a clue where to start? I quite recently (been driving 20h plus since) changed the spark plugs, condenser, distributor rotor, point set, fuel filter. Super thankful for all input, been planning a road trip with some friends this Friday ?.. Thanks! FullSizeRender.mov
  7. How much are they? Shipping to Europe? ? Sweden. PM if better! ?
  8. Do you have more for sale? They look great!
  9. When in neutral, my Clutch just fell through and my Clutch pedal reached the floor with no resistance. I could not disengage the clutch even though I let the pedal come up again. Had a look. Seems like the clutch has completely(?) disengaged? In the car, the mechanism moves when I press the pedal, but it seems like something broke inside the firewall and the clutch just ”fell out”? Is the clutch master cylinder broken? Something else? Really happy it didn’t happen during a Cruise!!! I have a 240Z -73 Any help appreciated! Thanks!!! FullSizeRender.mov
  10. Hi! The driver's side door on my 240z -73 suddenly deadlocks every time I close it. I've tried to investigate the mechanism, but can't locate the problem. I have to pull the inner lock upwards to be able to open it. The passenger door is fine (two steps turn on the mechanism, then release by the handle. Anyone with a clue? And btw, I do not have the working keys right now (will arrive this weekend) so I have to open the rear and pull up the pin each time... All help appreciated. Thanks!
  11. BIG thanks to everyone! I got it sorted out! After the dimmer switch disassembling and cleaning, I tested the relay, bought a new one - still nothing. Then checked the bulbs in the side marker lights. The front lamps had this extremely bad corrosion/rust going on. They were stuck to the base. Had to destroy them completetly to get it out. Might've been a short there, but still nothing. THEN! I went on with the multimeter and realised the "newer"(?) fuse (two-pinch) connecting to the motor was out!! Thank you for all your wonderful help! Hopefully someone else can read this if they encounter the same problem. ? Best regards!
  12. Thanks siteunseen, however I did exactly that today and nothing happened :/. So I guess I have to look somewhere further down the wiring.
  13. I did! I’ve cleaned the connections there. It does look a little sketchy though, but the connections seem ok.
  14. As stated, my circuit for the tail lights, side markers, running light and dashboard light is completely out. I’ve tried cleaning the headlight/light switch (really needed a clean) but still nothing. I’ve got the Electric wiring map, but since someone has changed the colors of the cables I have a hard time following. Can anyone tell me - How does this circuit run? Where are the grounding points? Connections that might fail? In the Dashboard? All ideas appreciated!!!! Oh, and I’ve got a -73 240Z, 5 speed manual. Thanks!!
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