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    Owned a 72 240 from 79 thru 85. Moved to an industrial space in a seedy area of town and was forced to sell the car and purchased a ratty mini truck. Several years later bought a 79 FJ40 with 60K miles. Now has close to 400K miles and is my daily driver and work truck. Always regretted selling that S30 and have been dreaming of recreating those memories for 10 years now. Dec 10, 2019 I'm driving 400 miles to pick 1/71 rust free Series 1 car and load it on a truck. Body is perfect but owner unknowingly swapped engines in 89 when it needed a rebuild so numbers don't match. Head and block are now from a 260 but everything else is original. It's been garaged for 12 years. I'm pretty excited.

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  1. . . . think I answered my own question after looking at '1973 non-interchangability drawing posted by Hoover. Indicates It was the stock setup on that '73 car. . . Those pistons in that head. . .
  2. Might not have mentioned it before but after getting the head off and turning the crank by hand, I remember noticing the tops of the pistons finished (popping up) above the surface of the block. The head also has the relief to accept it. Might be that "73 engine. Block number is 172296. I'm unclear if these pistons were ever on the new 73 car or were they only a factory replacement? I'm gonna tear down the L26 next week and have everything from both engines available before I visit the machine shop. Should have some options.
  3. Thanks for that. . . Sounds like a very insightful suggestion to start conversation at the machine shop. . .
  4. Wow!! That's awesome! . . . how can you tell they are oversized and not H2711? Are there advantages / disadvantages to this design change. Sounds like it was more emissions friendly. . . . Compression didn't change but a better burn? Thanks again. . .
  5. IDK. . . I'm starting to come up with a plan. Just got it apart. Looks stock and unmodified but I've been wrong before. Head is E88 and the valves are 42mm and 33mm. Previous owner raced SCCA years ago and wasn't sure what had been done to this engine. Pistons made me wonder if any other work had been done. I think I'm gonna go with a ZStory race sport exhaust system as original exhaust fell apart in my hands and am having ZTherapy do their thing on the carbs. I've got a 5 speed and questionable L-26 still in the car. I ordered a spring compressor and will have valves out in next couple days. Trying to get a recommendation on a knowledgable machine shop in my area (West L.A.). It's gonna be a daily driver and I've no interest in the the track but I'm not adverse to having it be really quick. Will probably do some head work and welcome suggestions as I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Andy
  6. Thanks Guys, I've read about a valve swap to take advantage of the slightly larger valves from the more recent Z cars. Could the indent be to accommodate the bigger valve? Just a wild guess. . .
  7. Thanks Zed, Just looked at your reference links. . . That's pretty much what they look like. . . I guess they're stock after all.
  8. Thanks Zed, Photos included. One side says AMP00 and the other has a symbol followed by 221. I was surprised that the pistons are vented on the sides thru the 3rd ring down. Wow. Is that typical??
  9. Hello to all. . . I just received an L24 engine a few days ago that I was intending to use for backup parts but I'm thinking it might be a better engine than the L26 that's currently still in my series 1 car. L26 was parked with the fluids in for about 18 years and I expect trouble when I get in there so I bought the L24 cheap. I tore the new L24 down yesterday and the cylinder walls look perfect as does the crank and pistons. Shop will need to confirm. Lots of carbon crap caked on everything and an inch of sludge in the pan. I'm wondering if anyone in the community that's more experienced than I (which is everyone) can tell me about these pistons. Previous owner raced Z's in the midwest 15 years ago and he's now getting rid of some stuff. He couldn't say much for sure about this engine so I took my chances and the price was right. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello to all. . . Can anyone clarify the difference between the red and yellow Koni struts. The yellows seen at Motorsport claim they were specially designed for S30 but I also see the red struts at other suppliers (Z car depot). Both are adjustable but the reds are more money so I'm wondering what the qualitative difference is between the two? Are they worth the additional outlay? Anybody know? Thx.
  11. Thanks to all for feedback. I think I learned what I needed to know as a result. Gonna replace seals and gasket today and get it painted and back in the car.
  12. Video was worth watching. . . pretty informative (for a newbie).
  13. . . . right after Christmas
  14. . . . and then I'll put it in and run it. . .
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