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    Owned a 72 240 from 79 thru 85. Moved to an industrial space in a seedy area of town and was forced to sell the car and purchased a ratty mini truck. Several years later bought a 79 FJ40 with 60K miles. Now has close to 400K miles and is my daily driver and work truck. Always regretted selling that S30 and have been dreaming of recreating those memories for 10 years now. Dec 10, 2019 I'm driving 400 miles to pick 1/71 rust free Series 1 car and load it on a truck. Body is perfect but owner unknowingly swapped engines in 89 when it needed a rebuild so numbers don't match. Head and block are now from a 260 but everything else is original. It's been garaged for 12 years. I'm pretty excited.

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  1. Sounds like by ditching the flat tops and using the roundtops the power should be a little better? Flat top was the emissions carb? . . . What are the head options? After market head? Different valves? Do you like the petronix ignition and what sort of a setup? Thanks. . .
  2. Hey Zed Head! Do I have that right??
  3. Hey Patcon, My understanding is that the stroke was slightly lengthened but the bore didn't change. Also slightly more torque but less horsepower. If I was all about power I'd go to the fuel injected L28 but I'm more interested in re-creating the Z I had when I was a kid. Thanks tho. . .
  4. Note to Zed. . . No oil of any kind coming from the tube that delivers oil to the cam.
  5. Wow! Thanks for that Duffy! That thought actually crossed my mind but can you get the pan out without pulling the engine? (Would be easy enough for me to find out but just asking anyway. . . ) Andy
  6. Man, You guys are awesome! The story is this. . . Seller said he bought the car at 120K miles and at 140K it needed to be rebuilt. He went to dealership and was told it was cheaper to swap the engine than to rebuild the one he had, so he did that. Rebuilt 260 engine was installed and rebuilt 5 speed. I asked to see a papertrail for the new block but that was conveniently misplaced over the years. Dual weber setup had been installed by first owner but I have SU's in a box. He then said he drove another 23K miles off and on and then garaged it for next 15 years. Odometer now reads x63, 421. Sold the car insisting there was only 23K on the new motor. I was going thru the stuff he gave me and I found 2 things of interest. He scribbled notes in his repair manual that engine was swapped at 160K in 1986 and break-in oil was changed 500 miles later. Then I found 4 service receipts from 2000 and 2004 with odo readings in the 83,000 range. One with a modicum of math skill would assume that car doesn't have 163,000 miles but rather 263,000 miles (or 100K more than that?). Federal law says you're not supposed to under-report mileage or fines and jail time might be in order. I'm in the process of researching and then will chase him to recoup part of the fraudulent purchase price. At this point I want to get it running but I don't really want a 260 engine and there seem to be L24 engines out there that could be rebuilt. I will use a combination of all the coaching you guys have given me to prime the system but I'm gonna install a new oil pump just the same. As I have no certainty about the state of this engine, any parts that I know are "new" will give me a little peace.
  7. Awesome!! Thanks for your time!! Don't know what I'd do without you guys. . . What a great resource!! One day maybe I can contribute something!!
  8. Can I prime the pump from the shaft under the distributor? (at a risk of asking a stupid question)
  9. Thanks, Once I pull the oil pump can I prime the pick up tube from there? Goes from pan up and over thru pump first then filter then to cam lobes?
  10. I also wanted to order the whole set of water hoses but Z Depot specifically says the set is for 240's and my engine was swapped for a 260. Do all or almost all the hoses from that set fit the L26 engine or do I have to order ala carte? Anybody know?? Thanks.
  11. Hey grannyknot, Zed Head and EuroDat ( and anybody else who wants to chime in), Took all the AC stuff last night and stripped out the engine compartment for the most part. . . This am I squirted a bunch of motor oil in the cylinders and left the plugs out. Cranked it about 6 times for a total of over 2 minutes and still no oil spraying on the cam lobes. I'm gonna order a new oil pump, ( what else could it possibly be?? ) . . . and I promise, pictures are coming soon. . . Andy
  12. Thanks Zed, Good to hear about the 5 speed bushings being an easy fix. I will need to go thru all the systems. . . . and I'll do the oil in cylinders. Maybe I won't bother with the compression test just yet. Thanks grannyknot. . . Somebody in my neighborhood also suggested bypassing the contaminated fuel system. Sounds like a good idea. And good to know about the 30 second delay. Couple other questions too. . . Provided I get it started, how long and at what intervals should I run it and at what point would you change the first oil? I'm also curious about the dual webers that are on the car now. I always really liked the SU's that were on my 72 and this car came with them in a box. Some people say it's a tossup between the two and some say with the present day gas available the webers might be better. I think I was using leaded 91 octane gas in the early 80's. Any opinions? Thx.
  13. Car has perfect body and no rust but I might be buying a hoist soon. . . 5 speed shifter feels pretty crappy too. . .