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    Owned a 72 240 from 79 thru 85. Moved to an industrial space in a seedy area of town and was forced to sell the car and purchased a ratty mini truck. Several years later bought a 79 FJ40 with 60K miles. Now has close to 400K miles and is my daily driver and work truck. Always regretted selling that S30 and have been dreaming of recreating those memories for 10 years now. Dec 10, 2019 I'm driving 400 miles to pick 1/71 rust free Series 1 car and load it on a truck. Body is perfect but owner unknowingly swapped engines in 89 when it needed a rebuild so numbers don't match. Head and block are now from a 260 but everything else is original. It's been garaged for 12 years. I'm pretty excited.
  1. That's great.Thx! Car currently has dual Weber setup but SU's are there and I'll be reinstalling those. Does lots mean a tablespoon?
  2. Thanks Dennis, All that's definitely gonna get done as well as valve adjust, prolly boil out the tank and flush the radiator. I was mostly concerned about dried out rubber and corroded electronics. Best,
  3. Additionally, current owner claims in 1989, when rebuild was done it was cheaper to swap the engine than rebuild so the car now has an L26 engine. I'm wondering if there are any real disadvantages to that engine providing compression is good. Reportedly bore was the same, stroke was lengthened, loss in horsepower but gain in torque. Any insights?  

  4. I'm in the process of purchasing a Jan 71 Series one car that's been garaged for 12 years. Wondering besides the obvious external hoses, battery and fluids if there are any seals, gaskets or electronic parts that tend to need replacing right away. It's a rust free car that's been garaged in a super dry climate. I'm gonna compression test when I pick up the car and will splash oil on the cam and rockers and manually rotate the crank until I see oil up high before doing the compression test. Current owner claims there was a rebuild 23K miles ago but he has no papertrail.