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    Owned a 72 240 from 79 thru 85. Moved to an industrial space in a seedy area of town and was forced to sell the car and purchased a ratty mini truck. Several years later bought a 79 FJ40 with 60K miles. Now has close to 400K miles and is my daily driver and work truck. Always regretted selling that S30 and have been dreaming of recreating those memories for 10 years now. Dec 10, 2019 I'm driving 400 miles to pick 1/71 rust free Series 1 car and load it on a truck. Body is perfect but owner unknowingly swapped engines in 89 when it needed a rebuild so numbers don't match. Head and block are now from a 260 but everything else is original. It's been garaged for 12 years. I'm pretty excited.

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  1. Thanks guys, Feeling much better about putting rear suspension together and back on the car again. Shocks seemed like they should be so obvious but I just wasn't sure. This site and everybody that participates is really appreciated. Gonna make her roll and then yank the engine and tear into the 5 speed. I'm gonna know and have gone thru and either painted, plated or replaced every nut, bolt and screw by the time I'm done. You will hear from me again! Best to all! And I know somebody's gonna notice from the photo. The brake backing plate is on the wrong side strut housing. This was a dry fit and I've since corrected. Stub axles pressed in soon. Inner bearing races and spacer will be supported from behind when stub axle is pressed in.
  2. Thanks Racer X. I bought a wrench head previously that fit the stock nut but the one furnished with the yellow koni is circular. I've included photo of the tool I found recently. Good to know about the snap-on wrenches. I also read somewhere that the oil helps dissipate heat. . . Best, AndyIMG_1391.heic
  3. . . . and mom is from Beaver Falls. Hah.
  4. Hello jpc, Thanks for your reply and much appreciated video and thread. I was slowly becoming comfortable and had ordered a gland nut adapter for torque wrench but having the whole process in a video is really great. Did the car originally have a dust baffle installed or is it just a good idea? I will get a set of the foam Koni bump stops at your recommendation too. Just noticed your location. I'm originally from Lancaster. . . Thanks again. Andy
  5. . . . also wondering about bump stops and dust baffles??
  6. Rear stub axles are ready to press in and I'm starting to look at installing the yellow sport Koni's. The info that comes with the shocks is not terribly clear. Wondering if anyone has done a video or a Q and A? Also wondering if there is an adapter for the torque wrench that tightens the big Koni nut but that holds the shock in or do I just muscle it in with a big channel locks?? (rather not) Also how much oil to put in the cylinder? Thanks for any leads on this topic. . . . Best to all. . . Andy IMG_1380.heicIMG_1379.heic
  7. Wow!! This is awesome!! I expected a half a shovelful and you guys pulled up and unloaded the dumptruck. I was thinking maybe I won't hear much about this. . . It's just the horns. . . So Wow!! I'm actually not as concerned about doing the finishes exactly as the factory did but rather just making the car look great in every detail and super corrosion resistant. It's a low number car at 19500 but the original engine was swapped out with an L26 the numbers matching block was lost years ago. Bought a complete L24, cheap from Ebay with usable block and crank but the head was undesirable and also had a big corrosion hole in it. I went looking and found an E31 head in great shape and installed the bigger stainless valves with new guides and seats. Cam and springs will be ordered when we figure out the lower end. Car came with an L26 engine so looking at using that stroker crank in the build. Not there yet. As I was blasting the horn parts I did notice that green but then again my car was BRGreen under it all and will be again. Is that olive drab color just the conversion coat for zinc that I'm reading about? Might get that chemical or just go yellow chromate as I think that looks good too. . . If I want to dunk a part in my plating tank and mask off an area what is the most reliable liquid proof masking?? I expect I'll find that info if I read all the posts. . . Thanks again to everybody who took the time!! Much appreciated!! ToolBoy aka Andy
  8. Hello to all, I've just got my plating setup working and now want to zinc and yellow chromate everything in sight. I've seen photos of Z horns with freshened plating so I have hope. I took mine apart and am wondering if the back can be plated and if that requires grinding the rivets off to remove the guts. Is this a bad idea? Any input is appreciated. Horn2.pdf Horn1.pdf
  9. Wow, Thanks. . have to study these.
  10. Hello To All. . . Getting a little further along and with the E-31 head. Stainless Spirit Datsun valves are here. Super nice. Can anyone refer me to any older existing posts that get into suggested modifications to this head? I've seen oil spray bar, cam oil circulation changes and relieving the cylinder wall for the bigger valves. Are there any older posts that go into detail on these mods. Photos are always good too. Thanks!!
  11. Hey siteunseen. . . . Thanks for that. Are those seats for the original E-31 valves or the upsized replacement I'm hearing about? Thx.
  12. Hello to all. 18 months into my little 19500 project car and I'm working on an engine. Series 1 car was purchased with a swapped out, non operable and likely useless L-26 engine installed. I bought a 73 L-24 engine for not much money on ebay from a guy in the midwest who raced em years ago, expecting to use it for parts. Seemed to be in good shape at first but pressure tested and found gaping corrosion hole in the head rendering that part useless. I then looked around and found a slightly pricey, complete E-31 head that had never been done, and is really flat. Head, block and crank are now at the machine shop and my guy is looking for the bigger valves, new pistons etc. He said if we can find stainless valves, the seats are ok as they are. I'm asking the Z community ( you guys ) for any pertinent info and a source for the valves I'm looking for and anything else you want to throw in there at this stage of the game. I think I read somewhere that the bigger valves come from 280Z or ZX? I'm planning to use the block and crank I bought earlier from the 73 engine as they seem to be in good shape. Thanks in advance and any input is greatly appreciated. . . Best. . . Tool Boy
  13. Greetings Z community, I'm actively looking to obtain 907 Green for my series 1 car. Somewhere along the way I was given "Ditzler 44403" and Parsons code /year DN86/72. When I went to "Finish Masters" in So Cal, Ditzler 44403 didn't show up on the computer with 1970 Datsun colors. Can anyone give me a definitive way to match / mix this color as it was back then? Any leads are appreciated. . . Best. . .
  14. . . . think I answered my own question after looking at '1973 non-interchangability drawing posted by Hoover. Indicates It was the stock setup on that '73 car. . . Those pistons in that head. . .
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