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  1. I thought of that beforehand and blocked it up but surprisingly it didn't move at all. I guess they are pretty strong little cars. I can piece in 1/8 inch plate where everything is cut out. The only thing that worries me are the metal lines running down by the transmission tunnel. I hate welding that close to them. I hope after I unbolt them, they will pull out of the way some. I still have a few spots to cut out. I want this car 99 percent rust free. The rear of the car underneath isn't that bad. Getting the undercoating off is the hard part. If all fails on the patch work, I'll do the car like kamikaze garage did voodoo.
  2. Well, the weather is half way decent today so I decided to start cutting out some rust out of the passenger side floor and so called frame, I have nothing left. I have the seat brace left. I know there is a rust section somewhere on this site, I don't want to be posting where I shouldn't. I watched b is for build 240z project where he built a full frame. I'm considering cutting the whole front off and doing a subframe. Anyone ever do this here?
  3. Where I've only been interested in simple carbureted engines, I've never felt the need to learn anything else, points ignition, one wire alternator and a starter was all I needed or wanted. It took me forever to even use a hei distributor. It's only ever been 50s 60s and early 70s cars and trucks, but I absolutely love this rotted out datsun. I've owned some awesome prostreet cars, hot rods, rat rods, but I've seriously connected with this car. I feel like a new student in an advanced calculus class that had a D- in basic math.
  4. I kinda thought about 80s computers and today's technology. Atari vs Xbox
  5. I found a picture of my car.
  6. After figuring up the price on what I want to do, looks like I'm keeping the fuel injection. It is kinda cool, a 83 model car with fuel injection. I'm sure I'll learn all about it and what I can do to make it run like a v8 without pouring thousands of dollars into it. I just went out and started it, got sea foam in the tank cleaning it out. It's 29 degrees and started right up, idling decent, just won't rev up quickly, tap the gas and falls on its face.
  7. This car is a huge project. The front frame and floors are gone but the rear is pretty good. Surprisingly with all the rot, you can jack up the car anywhere and no flex. No matter where you raise the car, the door gap doesn't change and they shut like a new car, and it's a t top car. After adding up everything engine wise I wanted to do isn't worth it to me, so I'm keeping the fuel injection for now. I'll start with replacing all the vacuum lines. The car instantly starts and idles, just won't rev. I'll post pictures later, has an inch of snow on it this morning. I have the garage tied up again, putting a big block in the car hauler, but I hope to get it done today then I'll bring the datsun in. I have bone spurs in my back and I don't know how much longer I can do this, so this datsun will be my last big project, my retirement car.
  8. Everything for these engines are so expensive
  9. Runs like crap, idles too high, pops, won't rev, I just don't like computer controlled engines
  10. Haven't made up my mind yet