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  1. After closer inspection, I think you are correct. Looks like they rebuilt units were labeled incorrectly. Thanks ! I am getting this car ready to finally put it up for sale. I've been active in restoring other types of cars so have never connected with other 240z owners. I see you aren't too far from me, is there a club I should consider joining ?
  2. Thanks, I got the rebuilt calipers from zcardepot, they came in separate boxes and were clearly marked for left side and right side. I replaced the calipers one side at a time and the new ones were identical to the ones I took off so there was no mixing them up. I agree it looks like it would be possible to put the left one onto the right side and vice versa but regardless, the bleed screws would still always be at the bottom. Am I missing something? I did bleed the lines thoroughly (with the old two person method) and there are no air bubbles. Rear drum brakes work great. Is it possible that one side of my master cylinder is not functioning properly? ?
  3. Just joined so hope I'm doing this right. I have a 1970 240z that I've owned for over twenty years. Has been carefully stored for the past ten years but not driven. Replaced rears wheels cylinders and bled brake lines and they work fine. Then discovered front calipers were locked up so replace with new (Rebuilt ) units. Carefully bled the master cylinder again as well as the front brake lines but calipers not working. Should I now replace the master cylinder ?
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