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  1. @wal280z Thanks for sharing and thanks @EuroDat for maintaining this for us! Added to my favorites! @Patcon thanks! Appreciate it. I have seen Courtesy mentioned a few times before. Is it because they have a big eCommerce presence? @EuroDat Thanks for the feedback re: Poly. Will start with Rubber. Can always change up later once I get a chance to see how stiff it is. That rattle is something I am more concerned with knowing the wiring is 43 years old and Chicago's roads aren't known for their smoothness. Thanks for the heads up for the Mustache Bar bushings. Now I know what to scan for when I find parts cars haha. Is there a list somewhere of the NLA parts? @grannyknot Not the same guy (unfortunately for him). Seller was a nice guy, but he wanted $13,000+ for it originally. The paint is in pretty terrible shape (looks great from far off, but is rough up close) and there are a lot of maintenance things that need done from years of minimal use. Ended up buying it this summer for a little less than the BAT number about 2 years after its original listing. May PM you in a few weeks regarding your experience, but will look through your post first. Excited to see the progress you made. 🙂 PS Sorry everyone for all of the call outs, had garage cleaning duty before Chicago's salt makes taking the car out of the garage impossible.
  2. Yeah. She has 38k original miles. Might save this one for cruising and turn the next one into a thrasher. Any recommendations for where you got your rubber? I see a lot of kits for Poly, but not many rubber kits. Good call. Was looking through one of the posts last night and it had some good suggestions.
  3. Was looking through the guide on S30 and it looks like it is possible to do it without lifting the engine. Link below in case it is helpful for S130 as well. I will be lifting the engine over the next couple of months to do some rust clean up on the engine sub frame so I can do the engine mounts them. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome Cliff! Glad to hear these are relatively easy fixes. Any insights you have on them are welcome! Do you know if there is a inspection list of common issues somewhere on the forum that I should run down while she's put away for winter? That has been a big debate of mine. My friend (~60 y/o man, lifetime track rat) made fun of me for considering rubber bushings, but the car has pretty good road feel already.
  5. Valve cover looks dry. Fully expecting it to be the rear main seal. Will keep you posted! Ooo. Excited for that thick goo paste. Thanks for the heads up, will have some extra gas on hand.
  6. Hi Guys! Tracking down an oil leak. Getting some light leaking from the back of the oil pan even after tightening, so I was planning on removing the pan and replacing the seal. Wanted to see if there are any other maintenance tasks I should think about doing while the engine oil is drained and the pan is off.
  7. Hi Guys! New to the site. Just bought a 1977 280z. Its my second Z, but first S30 and I am ecstatic to get started. It seems pretty common place to introduce new projects here so I figured I would drop a note. Current Prognosis: Chassis is in good shape and car both starts and runs pretty well for its age, but definitely needs some dialing in. Going to keep it mostly original and focus on restoring its performance to 1977 spec. Many of the bushings are original and need to be replaced. Engine ticks pretty loudly until it is fully to temp and likes to hang at 2000rpm on downshifts. There is light surface rust on the rear suspension components, engine sub frame, and a few small body panel issues (picture below) which need some TLC. Car was repainted a decade or so ago and while it looks good from a distance, its very rough up close. A few photos are below, or you can get all the detail from the seller's BaT Post from a few years ago. 2019/2020 Projects Fluids Change [Complete] Shifter Bushings [Complete] Brake Master Cylinder Replacement & Bleed [Complete] Vacuum Hose Replacement [In-Process] Powder-coat Suspension Components Bushing Update (Poly Primarily) Oil Pan Seal Replacement Rear Main Seal Replacement Rust Remediation Future Projects (WIP) Front/Rear bumper & DIA trim delete and replacement with 240z/260z components Paint respray (Either original silver or the blue/green Datsun paint of same era 5 Speed Transmission? Small body rust spot above drivers side door drain Chassis/Suspension components to be painted or powder coated Test 3D print of the car (Still waiting on Silver filament 🙂