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  1. Tracking down a vacuum leak and I think it is coming from the emissions system. I am considering just deleting it completely. Is this seen as a negative mark for resale value?
  2. Been lurking on this thread to the point where I feel emotionally invested haha. Please post videos! So excited. No fireworks.
  3. @Marty Rogan thanks for the recommendation! I am on Chicago's Northside, but gave a wide range because I am always willing to travel for good work.
  4. Hi Everyone! Looking for recommendations in the Chicago and Chicago Suburbs for mechanics or painters. I have a few projects planned for the next year and am starting to get my quotes lined up. Any feedback would be great! Transmission rebuilding (Standard 280z Z 5 speed) Painting services (Paint is a little worse for wear, needs redone) Thanks! D
  5. @EuroDat & @Zed Head Happy to ask! No promises on any of this though. Having worked for an OEM in the past, sometimes finding old specs and doing small runs can be impossible and/or expensive. Fingers crossed that is not the case. @grannyknot still trying to find out. Just got passed from purchasing to their motorsport division in Japan. Still trying to track down the right person.
  6. Project Update: Finally got all of my new parts in and am starting reassembly this week! Replacing the worn out struts first. Went to pull the first one last night and the entire thing came out in pieces. Sprayed the whole bench with oil when it came apart 😞 . No idea what brand these are because there are no markings or part numbers whatsoever. Is it still best practice to backfill the strut housing with oil to prevent rust? And if yes, what kind of oil is recommended?
  7. Hey Guys, quick update on the reproduction rubber bushings. Heard back from my contact in Nissan USA. Bad news is that there is not a lot of information on the mustache bushing parts within the US organization because everything was produced in Japan and "sold" to the US legal entity, so limited visibility. Good news is they are following up with some contacts within Nissan Japan to track down the original supplier and minimum order quantity to reproduce. At some point, we are going to need an estimate of how many potential orders the Z community might have for these parts if they could be made available. Is there a polling option within ClassicZCars or something that we could set up to send out to the community? Was thinking we could also reach out to Courtesy to see how many requests they get for these things each year. Open to other ideas!
  8. @dhp123166 Good insights, thanks! So a few follow up questions: Can the mustache bar on the 240z/260z be retrofitted with the 280z sleeve design? If not, can the 280z mustache bar be fitted on the 240z/260z? Are the mustache bar designs different based on differential (e.g. R180 vs R200) If the sleeves individually couldn't be provided, but we could find someone to produce new mustache bars with pressed fittings, would people be willing to pay for the whole assemblage?
  9. I work for a OEM supplier that works with Nissan and am happy to see if we have any contacts to their parts org. Will ask around and see what I can find out. Can someone confirm all of the part numbers required? 55476-N4300 - Mustache Bar Bushing 55475-N4300 - Serrated Washer 55474-N4300 - Serrated Washer
  10. Hey Guys/Gals, Replacing the rear sway bar link ends on my 1977 280z as the current ones are pretty rough. I noticed that there were two different sizes of fixed link ends (1" and 1.6") on Z Car Depot and I can't find any mention of the difference. Does anyone know which one is closest to stock? Car is currently stock except for MSA lowering springs (soon).
  11. Thanks guys! Didn't want to throwaway good parts if not necessary.
  12. Is this differential arrestor (55425-N4300) spent? It doesn’t look too bad, but it’s a little stiff and there is a tiny bit of wear near where the bolts are. Debating whether to replace it while the diff is off.
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