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  1. Recently I've been calculating the costs and finalizing the logistics for an RB26DETT swap I'm going to do into my 260Z. I understand to some people this alone may be sacrilegious, but to each, his own. I have everything else for the swap figured out except for my exhaust. Obviously, I am going to need a custom exhaust, so I'm looking for suggestions on mufflers and resonators that can give me a good F1 style sound, but, I also don't want it to be earsplittingly loud. I do understand that raising the rpm's would be the best way to do this, which I plan on doing eventually, once I have the money to rebuild the engine with aftermarket internals. But, for now, I would like to find a muffler or resonator that could provide me with that high pitched sound. Thanks for the help!
  2. Would it be advisable to get a 6 point harness with stock seats? According to the FIA, the shoulder straps have to rest on the seat flat, which the Z seats aren't designed for. Obviously, this includes a roll cage, don't worry. But, I would like to maximize my safety, hence the harness and cage. Would it be safe to mount a 6 point harness onto the stock seats? Could I just mount the anchor points right behind the seat, reducing the chance that they will even be resting on the seat? My other option is braum leather seats, that match pretty closely to the stock leather seats, both in color and style. Thank you!
  3. I have scoured the internet and forums to find where I might be able to find matching brown leather, for my 206z, to no avail. I am looking for a source where I can find a few yards of matching brown leather for custom dash upholstery. I'm aware that I could just ask an upholsterer to find the best samples that match the car, but that could take weeks. So, I thought I might ask if anyone here knows a place. Thank you!