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  1. View Advert 1977 Datsun 280z Clock Wanted Looking for a clock for my 1977 280z in good working condition. Thanks! Jeff Advertiser Datsun7 Date 08/26/2019 Price $1.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1977 Model 280z  

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    Looking for a clock for my 1977 280z in good working condition. Thanks! Jeff


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  3. LOL! Well that's not an issue.... still has the stock radio!
  4. Thanks Zed Head... I will check that out first before condemning the tach. Thanks for the diagram. BTW.... I don't know what this resistor does above the coil. Please see the picture I just took..... there may be no connection to my tach issue but it looks like it is coming apart.
  5. What a great picture! … and thank you! I found the resister! It appears to be in the factory bundle still taped and still connected. Could the resistor be bad?
  6. So the resistor location is under the passenger side dash? or located near the keyed ignition when you remove the cover? Also....What does the resistor due above the ignition coil under the hood? Sure appreciate everyone's input!!!
  7. Thanks.... I will check it....Is that located under the dash?
  8. Just a follow up...and thanks to all who responded!!! Tach still not working but rough idle and rough running problem was the ground at the distributor. Still working on the tach issue... UGH!!!
  9. Fast forward 11.5 years later!! This post still remains useful! My red dash break warning light issue turned out to be the relay under the passenger seat. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the response. The stack does not move at all. No jumps or quivers that I see. Is the ignition control module next to the fuse box on the passenger side of the lower foot well?
  11. Thanks! Appreciate you responding.... and great questions. See below: #1 I purchased the car about 2 months ago. It had been running fine in the short time I have owned it...... It did sit in a garage and according to the last owner he drove it a couple times a month but short local trips over the last 20 years. So hard to tell for sure how often it was driven.... #2 According to the last owner and the paperwork in the glove box. The injectors where cleaned about 2 years ago and it looks like the fuel lines under the hood have been changed. I did replace the fuel filter, and the one I removed had some sediment come out of it. After running it with the new fuel filter a few times the fuel appears clean as I removed the new filter and drained it to see what "gunk" may have come out. Looked clean. #3 The car is completely stock under the hood..... Still has the original engine with 92K miles. Thanks again for you thoughts.
  12. New to the forum so please go easy on me! LOL! I have a 1977 280z. It was running fine and then died while idling in the driveway. I restarted and it is idling a bit rough.... when you give it gas it breaks up at certain RPMs. Really rough run up and not drivable but will maintain a rough idle.... At the same time this happened the tach stopped working. I have to assume the rough running and tach are related? I changed the ignition coil and cleaned up the terminal block connections that connect to the coil. Would appreciate any feedback and or suggestions.