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  1. Update- First... wanted to say thanks again to all that replied!!! You steered me in the right direction! I decided to take it apart based on someone suggestion. It had a single contactor inside. I was able to clean the two contact points and seems to be working fine now. Dont you love 70's technology!!!!! Seriously, thanks again to all! Jeff
  2. Thanks all of you that have replied. Now I just need to find one!!! LOL! Can always count on the great people of this forum to help out!!! Hopefully one day I might be able to return the favor or two 🙂
  3. Any thoughts on where I may find one?
  4. Looking for some assistance on identifying this part under the hood of my 1977 280z. It mounts on the same bracket as the voltage regulator on the driver side wheel well.. The original fault was my door buzzer stayed on constant. Then heard a strange hum under the hood. Tracked it down to this guy. Tapped lightly with a hammer and it fixed it for short period of time. It continues to be an issue so need to replace. No cue what this is?!?!?! LOL! Thanks for any help!!! Jeff
  5. Beautiful Car! 71? Wheels look great! Are you at stock ride height? Looks lowered a bit... Very nice!
  6. S30Driver.... what size are your RBs? What size tires are you running? I like the McGard kit as well..... the holes on the lug holes on the ROta rims are only about 1 inch opening.
  7. So if the 225 will fit on stock suspension width wise... the 215 should be no issue correct? My rims are 4mm offset but I have spacers to get it to a zero offset if needed. I am at stock ride height as well so I am hoping the 60s will be fine as well. The picture below is what I am goin for look wise.
  8. AGREED! Wow, your car is beautiful! Great stance too! Is that a 260? Love it! My old 73 240 was a similar color.
  9. Thanks for the response! Are you able to get a socket in with these or does it come with something narrow on these conical lug nuts? What size tires are you running on your RBs? Thanks again! Jeff
  10. First off.... Happy Holidays to all!! I just purchased some ROTA RB's for my 1977 280z. I need some guidance..... It appears as though the stock lug nuts will not work as the lug holes of the new ROTA rims are too narrow to tighten. Any suggestions for lugs? Also, the rims are 15x7. Will a 215/60/15 tire fit without issue? Thanks much in advance! Jeff
  11. Thanks for that! I believe them to be Rota RB's thanks to your help! Now I need to determine offset on a 15x7. I am only finding plus 12mm and I think I need zero offset. Any thoughts?
  12. I really like these rims. I thought they were Konig Rewinds...… but if you look close the have a bit of a bladed edge on the fingers (see pic #2). The Rewinds are more rounded Can anyone identify or know what brand and style these rims are? Thanks in advance! Jeff
  13. Looking for some input and pictures of what tire size you may have currently on your Z with stock rims. I have been all through old threads looking for pictures and recommendations. Attached are the stock wheel I have. 14 inch rims 5.5 inches wide. Currently they have 195/70/14 tires. I want a more aggressive look but stay with the stock 14 inch wheels. I have heard 205/70/14, 215/60/14 and 225/60/14. Not sure if any or all will fit my 5.5 wide rims? Also, if you are running any of those I mentioned.... would love to see a picture of how it looks on your car! Thanks for your help! Jeff
  14. View Advert 1977 Datsun 280z Clock Wanted Looking for a clock for my 1977 280z in good working condition. Thanks! Jeff Advertiser Datsun7 Date 08/26/2019 Price $1.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1977 Model 280z  

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    Looking for a clock for my 1977 280z in good working condition. Thanks! Jeff


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