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    Anyone have a fuel sending unit for a 1979 280zx. Also, looking for good gas tank. THanks!


  2. View Advert 1979 280zx Fuel sending unit/ gas tank Anyone have a fuel sending unit for a 1979 280zx. Also, looking for good gas tank. THanks! Advertiser Datsun7 Date 09/11/2022 Price $50 Category Parts Wanted Year 1979 Model 280zx  
  3. We currently just have safety inspection now in Virginia and no smog. Appreciate you sending the links when you get a chance!! Good luck at the doctor.
  4. Interesting point on the header Patcon. I guess I should look at quality if I go that direction...... Did you get my PM last night?
  5. Two Beautiful cars SteveJ! The rims look great on the 260!
  6. I have a similar issue with a broken rear stud and slight exhaust leak so I was thinking maybe a header would be a better way to go since it has to come off anyway. Appreciate the Z wrench guys..... I actually have done business with Todd Wagner. His shop is about 45 minutes away. Super nice guy but he has too much work going on and its like pulling teeth to get him to respond and commit. Good problem to have I guess. I will most likely give him another ring before I dive in 🤪 Thanks again for your help SteveJ BTW... how about a picture of your 240? Here is my 77 280
  7. Thanks SteveJ for all the great info. Sounds like you have done this before..... I was hoping not to take the intake off but sounds like it is a must with the gasket. The thought of drilling out studs is scary as well. GULP!# Did you notice any increase in HP or throttle response moving to a header from the stock manifold? Maybe an RPM/ power band increase? Thanks again for your response and info! Jeff
  8. I have a 77 280z and I am wanting to put a new header/exhaust on. My questions..... do I need to remove the intake manifold to remove the exhaust manifold? Any other things I need to worry about when putting on a header vs the stock manifold? Thanks for any info! Jeff
  9. Update- First... wanted to say thanks again to all that replied!!! You steered me in the right direction! I decided to take it apart based on someone suggestion. It had a single contactor inside. I was able to clean the two contact points and seems to be working fine now. Dont you love 70's technology!!!!! Seriously, thanks again to all! Jeff
  10. Thanks all of you that have replied. Now I just need to find one!!! LOL! Can always count on the great people of this forum to help out!!! Hopefully one day I might be able to return the favor or two 🙂
  11. Any thoughts on where I may find one?
  12. Looking for some assistance on identifying this part under the hood of my 1977 280z. It mounts on the same bracket as the voltage regulator on the driver side wheel well.. The original fault was my door buzzer stayed on constant. Then heard a strange hum under the hood. Tracked it down to this guy. Tapped lightly with a hammer and it fixed it for short period of time. It continues to be an issue so need to replace. No cue what this is?!?!?! LOL! Thanks for any help!!! Jeff
  13. Beautiful Car! 71? Wheels look great! Are you at stock ride height? Looks lowered a bit... Very nice!
  14. S30Driver.... what size are your RBs? What size tires are you running? I like the McGard kit as well..... the holes on the lug holes on the ROta rims are only about 1 inch opening.
  15. So if the 225 will fit on stock suspension width wise... the 215 should be no issue correct? My rims are 4mm offset but I have spacers to get it to a zero offset if needed. I am at stock ride height as well so I am hoping the 60s will be fine as well. The picture below is what I am goin for look wise.
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