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  1. Where is the return. I had no idea there was a return. I can probably figure it out. I”m assuming it’s a line from the engine back to the tank. But why? What fuel is returned.
  2. I’m having a blast with this Z. I think it’s too early to start looking for another one. Is there a cool Datsun truck around 1970 that would pair nice with the 70 240Z? Just an idea
  3. I’m ready to turn it over now. My fuel tank is out. Can I connect a fuel line to the inline fuel filter and drop it in a can of gas? Bad idea, good? Also on the Oil spray bar, can I leave the valve cover off and check the spray? Or will that be a big mess?
  4. Are you telling me that none of the vent tubes are necessary?
  5. Thank you. I set the valves cold. It took me awhile to figure out that keeping the lock nut fairly tight helps. Also, I took the gauges out of the stack and then just put them on the outside of the stack for the next time I need them.
  6. I called and had them reverse the vent tube that has a "u turn" in it.
  7. I sent you an email about the oil spray bar on the right. Your email didn't work. I'd like that one on the right?
  8. Does the vent line that has a "U turn" in it need to have that u turn for a functional reason? If not, I think I'll have the guys that are cleaning my tank reverse it? Good idea, bad?
  9. " Oh yeah, the motor is tilted. Take a Sharpie and draw a center line on the cam towers to use for getting the lobes pointed up right". I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you try explaining another way? Sorry, I want to understand, I'm just a little slow some times?
  10. I got the fuel tank out. Off to get it cleaned and lined. A stop at harbor freight to pick up some xl 7mm glove and a crows foot for torquing my valves. If I was to make a tool for adjusting valves what would it look like ? has anybody done this, or is there a special tool already made.
  11. If it's that important, is it possible to get a new one?
  12. This is the one. Thank you. Great stuff.
  13. I've been reading about fuel tanks. Some of the links have been on here since Al Gore invented the net. Is POR still the thing to use? Is there a better product? Or a similar product that is the latest. Since I know nothing about 240z, and I've heard about fuel fumes in the cabin, how can I eliminate the possibility of fumes ?
  14. I removed the gas tank to have it cleaned. Will a radiator shop clean this for me? Possibly steam clean it? Now I have a bunch of questions. In preparation for starting the engine, I want to do the following before starting. 1. Compression test - is Turing the engine over by hand a valid compression test? I need to get a good gauge, any recommendation 2. I need to drain the oil, what is the best oil to use? Which filter 3. Which spark plugs? Old ones are champion RNllYC 4. Should I change the points, or just go for it? 5. Where can I get a couple straps that secure the fuel tank? Did I forget anything? The car has been setting with ATF in the cylindears for a few days. It turned over easily by hand
  15. z8987

    Cleaning old parts

    I agree the right place at the right time. Thank you
  16. Oh I'm still on top of the world here. It's always nice to get a great deal. It's like a new girl friend, but without the drama, and my wife approves. 🙂
  17. I’ll replace them with new. I just wanted it back together. I might continue work on the engine tomorrow. I think I’ll start blowing out the atf from the cylinders. What do you use to turn it over ? A strap wrench ?
  18. z8987

    Cleaning old parts

    Any recommendations on what I can add to my shop to help with this?
  19. The only thing I hate worse than old dirty parts is cleaning them. Is there some place I can take old wheels, rims, and any other parts I've removed for cleaning ?
  20. Ok, I got it. The adjuster is in the front of the wheel. I got both rear wheels off, took the brakes off cleaned and reinstalled. So I did my first rear brake job. Old parts, but now I know how.
  21. I don't have an access point in the back to adjust the brakes. Is this normal, or do I have some type of aftermarket products? The one photo you can see the adjuster and also the back where you would access it.
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