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  1. Hello eveyone i own 1977 280z a fuel L28 N47 stock engine and its a weekend car im not racing and not drifting .. so far i have fixed a full headers and exust and 3 raw almnm radiator so im planning to fix a camshaft for a great sound and a lil more HP’s ! I have been suggested to go for the 274 will be great for street use and i wont need the full kit and the camshaft it self fits on the oreginal springs Is it ok to go for 274 ? Or ? I dont want any engin trbles later or overheat issues And where can i find the cam ? Or anyone has a second hand for sale ?
  2. Thank you for your replay honestly i will be using my car few times i guess ! Lets say for the weekends The tires i prefare the racing tires which they look close to slik street .. Nitto maybe !? How about 16x8 -0 rear and 16x8 +20 front with 225/50/16 ? Or 215 not very slim and not ugly high thick Imagin this setup with 1/2 or 1 inch lower car !! SUPER
  3. Hello everyone i own a 280z 1977 and im installing the BC coilovers right now and im confused of choosing the right rim size ( i have the 4x114.3 bolt pattern ) im not planing to fold the fender and im not willing to fix fenders but i would like to fit something that the tires are filling the body .. im thinking of 16x8 Rota RBR or Xxr 531 rims but i have problem with choosing the offset i want to go for the max -offset in the rear !! i dont want to trim anything in the body if a minor modification will be fine but no rubbing or touching the suspension i have attached the perfect setup that im looking for any advice of the rim size/offset and tires ?? Btw i will install the front wilwood brake system from silvermine motors + rear wilwood brakes from TTT during my research in the internet i found out that i might need 16x8 -0 for the rear - and 16x8 +20 for the front or can be -0 in the front too ?