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  1. Rebuild kit came in the mail today I'm going to get my workspace clean and ready for tomorrow and I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks for all the help couldnt have done it without everyone who commented.
  2. There was about 6 or 8 quarts of oil that came out I'm not exactly sure but it was in that ballpark
  3. That bearing is bringing the output shaft too low to connect with the input shafts gears so correct me if I'm wrong but maybe if I replaced all my bearings and synchros it might do the trick? I don't see any missing teeth just some grooving on the gears
  4. Here is some more pictures for you guys. The first two show the position of the blown bearing and I tried to get as close of a picture as a can. But the third picture shows some grooves on the gears and I wasnt sure if they are supposed to be there or not. Thank you all for the help I'm looking into cheap used transmissions now to rebuild but if my transmission looks salvageable let me know
  5. Bought a 85 300zx base model with 96k miles. Ran decently for 2 months until the tranny blew. When I drained her I saw multiple teeth, a washer, a screw and shavings galore. I couldnt find any worthwhile transmissions to purchase so I decided to cut out the middleman and attempt to rebuild it myself. I'm only 19 and have been working on cars for less than a year so I can definetly learn it but I need some guidance as to where I should look for learning material and if there is anything in particular I should know before I start dissembling. My tranny is already out and I split it from the bell
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