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  1. so the front distrabution block i left as is (#8 in above picture) since it shouldnt mess with my 4 piston front brakes and my rear maxima brakes. i removed the stock proportion valve(#10) and used a union fitting to connet the two lines. the reason why i removed it is because its not set for my new setup. so im putting in a new adjustable wilwood proportion valve. that clarify what i did ?
  2. i pulled the proportion valve and i was going to gut it but i happened to buy a couple union fittings. so the lines from the master cylinder and the ones that goes to the T block were close enough that i could tweek it by hand to get both sides hooked up. took like 5 minutes .... thanks again everyone.
  3. If i come a crossed some extra cash ill definitely be hitting you guys up for some full door panels. But atm its a little out of my range. Its not cheap swaping a RB into the datsun lol. Hope you guys get a ton of orders
  4. thanks for all the help ladies and gentlemen. i feel like i have enough info to finish my brake conversion. now if msa would get my rotors in and send them along with my calipers id be set
  5. ya i already have a wilwood proportion valve. ya i was planning on removing the stock one. i just wanted to make sure i was looking at the right part.
  6. Ok i think i know what your talking about. so i don't have to touch the distribution block at all and remove the valve in the very back before the t block.
  7. So i just got done putting in the ZCarDepot rear sport disk kit and i also ordered the MSA 4 piston caliper kit. I also put in a 1" wilwood master cylinder and a brand new booster. I know i need to put my new proportioning valve on the rear brake line. but the question is ive seen a bunch of posts about the stock proportioning valve needing to be hollowed out. but no ones done a full diy (with pics) as far as i can see. The few posts ive come a crossed, ive had people arguing about how it is or isn't a proportioning valve. the picture below is this the stock proportioning valve ? Or is it a distribution block ? Or is it both ?... Do i just pull all the parts inside out or can i just delete this item ? Long story short where is the proportioning valve (Pic please) and what needs to be done so that i can take my car out without having the brakes constantly rubbing or having bias issues ? My car is a 1972 240z BTW i know some years are different... Also this is not my car. its a 260z but the pic shows what im asking about.
  8. I just bought the kit. its on hold due to ordering stoptech rotors that arent in stock. so ill have them in 1-3 weeks. ill let you know what i think when i put them in.