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  1. It's the two groove one that connects directly on to the crankshaft, and spins the alternator, waterpump, and I'm guessing AC. I didn't know there was something that bolts to it, my '78 280Z doesn't have anything other than the 2-groove pulley either, as far as I can see. It looks like I have a solid 3" or so before potentially hitting the fan.
  2. I've been trying to find a Crankshaft Pulley for this 280ZX (NT) I'm rebuilding. So far, haven't been able to find anything reasonably priced. Anyone know a place that might have one? (or if someone has a spare?)
  3. I'm having a similar problem, but it's kinda random. let me know what worked...
  4. welcome! ...from another newbie.
  5. I don't mind using the pic at all. That made it easy to find. I'm certain the engine's from a '76 280Z that the PO stuck in. He has the original parts car with the old engine sitting inside it. He had to make it fuel-injected, because it wouldn't pass smog in CA. (Came from TX) I eventually decided not to take the parts car... but I'm sure it's available if someone wanted it. I'm kinda wondering the owner before the PO had a 240/260Z's twin carb engine swapped in from the original... so that it's had 3 different engines (including the original) in it. Which, theres some loose ends of wires that I have no idea where they go. Some of the wiring on the engine has also been (somewhat) jury-rigged. (Near the black hose leading from the air filter to the top of the engine) The engine's is L28 047353 The car's tag says L28 for the engine type, and chassis number is (a little hard to read, but) 484138 sblake01, Besides leaking the freon; can it cause other problems due to the conversion? (converted less than 5 years ago)
  6. It's a 5 speed. Hmm... I've heard before that they didn't use carbs on the '78, which is kind of confusing. The service records indicate that "Car would not start. Customer installed a Fuel-injection system from a '76 280Z" Looking through records from the previous previous owner, one of the invoices from '99 indicate that he ordered a pair of carbs- "240Z3ScRemanCarb Pair" & "ExtraZ4Cores inbound pair of carbs complete". Also seems that according to another previous owner, that the car was completely rebuilt in 1989. one of the things mentioned is twin carburetors. Doesn't a 240 use twin carbs? The AC works, oddly enough. Just needs some more freon I think to perform better. It did get changed to R-134A within the last couple years, looking at some service records from the previous owner. Here's another picture of the engine from the other side. Thanks for the welcome!
  7. I just got a 1978 280Z last Friday, after a fairly quick search for a good one. I fell in love with the body style and overall character of the Z when my friend (who pointed me here) was looking at them. I couldn't get the same kind of car as her, especially since we both wanted a "unique" car. Something that looks good, has personality, and you don't see everyday. Well, she somehow landed a Porsche a few months ago, and I jumped on the Z. My Z is in pretty good shape, besides needing a new paint job. It has a oddity of having a fuel-injected engine from a '76 280, as the original car had a carburated engine. Started doing minor repairs and cosmetic fixes the day after I got it. Going to replace a U-Joint and brakes within the next week or so. Also, the Z is the first car I'm learning stick on. Well, that's my story. Here's some pictures!
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