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  1. so I went out and put the key in the ignition not expecting much to come of it but the 240 sprung to life much to my surprise... upon closer examination though I noticed that the point arm was getting stuck when pulled out, guess it was getting stuck in the out position. So i put some silicon grease on it and it seems to be good now. Thanks for the input
  2. Exactly!!! how the hell does that happen... I was just looking at them and the arm was a little sticky so im going to try and lubricate it and or buy new better quality points and see if that doesn't fix it.
  3. Points and static timing are set to .016 when it wasn't running before it's because somehow the point got off and when we re adjusted them back to .016 it ran. I really otta stress the point that i was driving the car when it turned off, it was running fine one minute and off the next. Like I said before the car was running totally fine then instantaneously it just died which leads me to believe it isn't a problem with the fuel system. Besides we had just checked it and drained the tank (no curd or anything which might gum up the system) but I'll check it again I haven't tried using starter fluid. Points looked fine. spark plugs are all brand new but I'll look em down.
  4. It was running, I drove it the whole day before it just turned off and stopped running the next.
  5. The other day I was driving my datsun around and then it just died, It didn't sputter like it was out of gas and the rpm's were fine. After costing to the side of the street I tried to start it back up again, the engine cranked over but that's all. I tried it a couple more times and I got it to start once or twice but both times the rpms would waver and it responded negatively to me tapping the gas peddle, it died after 15-25 seconds. I checked the points and they were fine. The car has new spark plugs (less than a week on the car), new distributer cap/rotor/points (been on there a couple months never a problem), new ignition coil & condensor (ran for about a week with them until this), new water pump, also I drained the gas tank recently (it was clean), busted open the SU carbs they were fine (everything was in working order).
  6. Just put some pictures up, the car doesn't sound bad but it simply needs some maintenance.
  7. I'm in need of some help, I've never owned a 240z before or any of the other models, quite honestly I'm pretty new to cars in general (anything that inst a classic VW). I have recently found a 1972 240z which I have all intentions in buying, it has some problems and needs some work. I've got the a few of the things it needs pined down (gas pump + carb rebuild) but I'm lost when it comes the the hoses, I want to get an idea of how much its gonna cost before I make the purchase. If you guys could help me with a list of all the necessary hoses (not including the ones for the heater) it would be really quite helpful. <img src="http://images.craigslist.org/00N0N_59sF1KmolHB_600x450.jpg"> <img src="http://images.craigslist.org/00i0i_19cXWxEJLtu_600x450.jpg">
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