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  1. Hello Pmg:   I saw in your post in the Roadster thread that you were interested in one.  Well, i have a 68 that I bought 11 years ago and have been unable to work on it since being injured at work in 09, so it is in the same shape I got it.  It has been in a dry garage all this time.  Here is a post of it when I got it.  It has a few more miles since posting as I drove it around for several months.  Here is the thread about it.  

    If you would like to talk about it on the phone, please call me at 620-491-1131.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you for your time.


    Lonny Bauer  "Bonzi Lon"  Kingman, KS

    1. Pmg


      Hi Lonny, thanks for reaching out regarding the roadster. I've to realize that these can be very fun cars. The one you have has great potential and can see why you picked it up. I am however, in a similar position where time is not something I have a lot of therefore I am looking for a more completed project. Being located in the midwest really is a downer when it comes to finding roadsters. I hope you will have some time in the near future to finish your roadster as she looks quite nice. Thank you again and see you around the forum!



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