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  1. Ya that's definetly a thought. I called zcarsource and they might have both and I am waiting for them to get back to me, used full quarters an for around 1000.
  2. I am in major need for some quarter panels and I cant really find any place to buy them online or in person. If anyone knows where to get some I would Greatly appreciate it. Please help
  3. I have a l24 bored 10 over with flat top pistons and a medium'ish cam. I want to run pretty high compression and was wondering as far as carbs go if I be better off with single 4 barrel carb (Bob Sharp setup) to get the best cfm or my 2 single updraft carbs. I can't afford the triple Webber's for 1500 dollars and I am wondering for the best bang for my buck what I am best off doing. I get mixed answers and opinions in my research. Also I plan on putting my Snow Performance water/meth system on it so I can run pump fuel if that makes any difference.
  4. I have an older 240z engine built up mildly (Cam and valves) but after pulling the head off i can see a few cylinder walls are trash. It has an 83mm bore which from my understanding is stock 2.4l and the options I am seeing is bore it to clean it up and then gain some hp but I would have to but oversized pistons, or if it is possible put the heads on my l28 280z engine and do a rebuilt on it and bore it out a little and do some modifications. I only recently got into the Datsun world so I dont know a whole lot but if you guys have any better ideas I would love to hear them. I am 17 and my 280z is my senior year project.
  5. I do have a 280z engine and 2 other engines including a short block I am starting to think i am just better off taking my old 280z engine and throwing all these parts on it.
  6. And I know some of this might sound stupid or pointless but just bare with me I am new into this Datsun stuff.
  7. I am thinking about boring my 240z engine I have after pulling it apart and seeing piston number 3 is rusted and pitted but everything else seems to be fine. So my thought process is i could get it bored out to 90mm vs the 83 it has now and it would solve the pits on the sleeve problem. Does anyone know any good aftermarket flattop pistons and also oversized or just higher performance valves. and last but not least what am i getting in to if i want to do a bore on it do i have to change heads or can i keep everything else and be fine.
  8. I have Samsung note and its a year old. But I have actually been having mote trouble on my desktop computer where it flat out doesn't want to load. The main issue with me is my dad has a mac computer and I have an Android phone and the two aren't compatable with each other so it is a huge ordeal to upload a picture for a thread ( took me 15 minutes last time with numerous crashinges and 404 errors.)
  9. I know I am not to good grammer wise when I type and I could have phrased things better but who doesn't when they are a kid, at least I Admit it but it is partly from typing on the phone since it always resizes and spell check isn't always on my side. Also for the record I have the half tablet half phone thing so I don't need that big of a magnifying glass to see...only a medium size one.
  10. I mean hey they have cameras you can call on now days you never know haha.
  11. I am not insulting the website or you fellow z people in any way. When I wrote this website is out dated I literally was saying that because there are times of the day when I flat out can not use the website. I have school til 3 an work til 6 and when I work on my car I oikebto he able to check on hear for some tips with things and for example right now it took me 20 minutes of reloading the page and getting errors. Also I am owing up to what I said because I am still supporting what I think. The reason why I started this topic is to see if anyone else is having the same issues as me. I love the website and the people I would just like to be able to navigate it without it freezing. But hey that's just my 2 cents.
  12. You guys are seeing what i said in the wrong way, I never said anything bad this is definitely the best website for z info i have no question about it. i am not also used to the speed demon ways of website i actually mean its slow, i have waited 10 minutes numerous times for the website to load and it not loading. i know i am 17 and i am used to everything working perfectly but i dont have access to a computer always and my camera is my phone and my computer. thats why i said id like to be able to use it on my phone. i am just saying i think this website needs a server upgrade possibly from the growth, either way i would use the website im just saying itd be nicer to not have to wait so long and if anyone else was having these problems like i am
  13. ok thank you all for the input but I do have 2 single carbs and i am not sure if they are anything special either i think they might be the su ones you are guys talking about (i bought all my datsun parts and cars wholesale). and also i am just getting into this whole datsun thing so i am learning everything i can. i figured the double webbers would be much better but from what i see su are the best bang for your buck.
  14. I am not sure if it is just me but I am obviously new to this website. I hate to sound like a bitch but this website crashes on me all the time and is extremely slow to load sometimes. Also I flat out can not use it on my phone I just get server messages and for me the only way to upload pictures is through my phone. I love every other aspect of this website but it really seems out dates. If i knew it could get redone and updated for more efficient use I would be willing to chip in a some money. This is just my opinion but I am wondering if anyone else feels the same or gets the same annoying problems I do.
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