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  1. how about that for a nice sounding z...i know its an l28 but its still close enough!
  2. we are definitely enjoying the car itself! just not the body work that we're putting into it...it'll be worth it in the end!
  3. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/album.php?albumid=520 heres all the ones i have so far. the car is completely stripped down and being slowly attacked with bondo.
  4. the guy we got it from said it had been recently rebuilt
  5. Hey guys, My dad and I bought a project 240z with the E31 head on it. Since this car is 23 years older than I am, could some of you maybe give me some insight of the pros and cons of this head? One site (http://datsunzgarage.com/heads/) says they are hard to come by these days...anything would help! thanks guys
  6. im just not sure if I want to get rid of the bumper or keep it. Have to discuss this with my dad first...
  7. Just wondering if anyone else has smoothed out all these little body inserts? what would be my best option? trying to hammer out these panels, cutting and welding in new sheet metal or just using filler to fill them up? 1970 240z Restoration in progress
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