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  1. i believe its a 6 hp motor
  2. i got a crapsman 30 gallon. is that big enough?
  3. what do i need to get to use my compressor asa sandblaster?
  4. fine... i'll buy a mig welder and learn
  5. is there anything wrong with cutting out some bad metal, and por 15 and riveting some plates on top? there's some okay metal on the floors, but its not all that great and there are some parts where there's a huge section of holes. any input on if this is a good or bad idea in the long run? I'd like to put a cage in the car later
  6. so if i my buddy primers it black i should be safe? its gonna be a dark grey metallic. I dont want him to spray metallic cause he's never done it before.
  7. the car is originally gunmetal and a friend is going to prime it black using some funky brand primer (its all oxidized and I want it uniform until I can afford to repaint.) if the car is grey and I have it primered black, will it be a problem when it comes to paint, since it will just be black, and the paint job will be grey, not to mention the different brand primers?
  8. well they may have dropped out the big gaping rust hole in the back, so what do i do about the trunk? I have a rim there that I would eventually like to take out and I dont want to damage the car too much.
  9. the datsun is on hold, I got a ae86 corolla sr5 that needs a new engine, and is a little more complete than the datsun is so I will have a decent daily driver and not a driving project I did get an air compressor though, Just not sure if I really need it.
  10. only thing that will suck is once I put the por 15 down, I dont want any crap getting wet and molding or getting wet and taking a long tgime to dry
  11. hey... after using por 15 on the bottom, should I use chassiscoat or should i undercoat with rubber. if i undercoat, what else do i need to prep before spraying the rubber?
  12. the por 15 distributors website advises against sanding but sandblasting, and acid is fine. what method should i use? engine degreaser seems to be taking the asphalt off fine by the way.
  13. so before i have the floors welded in should i strip it completely of paint?
  14. how long is the leadtime for por 15 to ship if i buy it? I'm gonna have it cleaned and prepped hopefully within the week. just no undercoat and I want to clean up the interior... the floors are red and the car is mexican orange
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