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    '70 240Z, Red/Black, VIN#87 - undergoing restoration
    '70 240Z, Blue/Blue, VIN#562 - parts car for #87
    '70 240Z, Custom, VIN #248 - track car
    '71 240Z, Orange/Black, survivor
    '75 280Z Scarab factory car, Silver/Black
    '78 280Z, Red/Black - 95% restored
    '78 810 Sedan
    '78 280Z, Black Pearl SAP - restoration in progress
    '83 280ZX, Silver/Black - survivor
    '17 Subaru Outback Limited 3.6R, wife's daily
    '16 Altima SL, Black/Charcoal, daughter's daily
    '74 Ford Bronco, Red/White - 99% restored
    '16 Ford F150 Platinum, Magnetic Gray, lives to haul Z's!

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  1. In addition to the above, I will also take: Rear view mirror - driver’s side N 96302-N4700 $30
  2. I will take Rear Hatch Window Weatherstrip N 90305-E4100 $55 Thanks
  3. I am in need of a good condition fuel tank from either a '77 or '78. By good condition, I mean 1) no dents and 2) restorable interior. Not really interested in tanks which have been previously coated or repaired. Thanks!
  4. Yes, an accurate restoration of an early car is ridiculously expensive. I won't (can't?) even talk about what I've spent on #87 so far, and I'm nowhere near finished. Personally, I'm just happy to see that more of these early cars are coming out of hiding - and going to new owners who are committed to restoration or preservation.
  5. ZMac

    ZCON Drive

    Thanks - really looking forward to it, Jim. Missed you in Branson, by the way!
  6. ZMac

    ZCON Drive

    Hey Mike, I'm all in! I'll be in the Scarab, but I'll do my best to keep up... We've got to get to your upholstery guy sometime next week, ok?