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  1. You can move the 2 plates in the dizzy to tell if they're frozen or not. Sounds like your firing order may be off. 153624 is what it should be. The cap has a raised line on the outside where #1 should be, then counter clockwise from 1 around to 4. The front spark plug is #1 through 6 which is closest to the windshield.

  2. On 7/30/2022 at 3:45 PM, Av8ferg said:

    Cliff, when was the last time you rolled that queen out of the garage?   Did you take it to the local ZCON festivities happening.  

    Here's the "Queen bean with sweet tea".

    This has been like a ship's wheel for me, "driving me nuts" for the last 2 years. Finally starting to care about the cars again so I've drained the old fuel and will replace all filters tomorrow. Exmark is completely full BTW.

    Sitting off and on for 2 years. It ain't good. LOL

    But no sign of Red-Kote! Hurray me.




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  3. Got my 240Z OEM door mirror from local Nissan parts department shelf I have stocked with potential use stuff. Thought about cataloging all of them with my part number "supersedes" master list I have put into use.

    The 1st photo shows the superb quality of the mirror. It's no surprise Nissan choose to save weight and the potential for 7 years of bad luck without an additional right side mirror.



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  4. From what I remember the e12- 80 used 1.5 ojm coil from Nissan. That ps 20 is 1.4 so close enough for me. I had a bigger ZX cap and button and run ZX larger gap on my ngks.

    It goes hard to Redline without breaking up. I have to up shift quick. Need a better gearing than the r-180 but I don't need to beat my car. It's 50 and has 50 year old parts back there. But those 1,ooo or so feet are fun and with my exhaust it screams a dry bloody murder like a Ferrari or a gsxr1. :beer:

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  5. I agree with Steve, you need plugs and wires. I buy stuff online and get it the local store cheaper using coupon codes. My best one was retailmenot.com but that was 4 years ago since I tried it.

    I had a Nissan d21 that ran like crap until i replaced wires plugs, cap and button 10 years ago at least. Just drove it for grass cutting fuel jugs refill. Runs great. The distributor cap had some kind of cracking going on and it was jumping spark. It wouldn't fall out of a tree but now it'll drive up one.


  6. That's what I was thinking too. I I rember a thread about the difference in phenolic spacers. Some have holes that let coolant into the carbs if I remember right. You could go to zcardepot.com and see the different spacers?

    This may be it...



  7. I'm not positive the 2+2s have the 240mm larger flywheel but I think they do. A coupe has a 225mm flywheel.

    I would go to rockauto.com or amazon.com and find your car's clutch by putting in the info and see what pops up.

    I have the 225mm Exedy 6009 clutch in both mine and it works fine and is as close to OE equipment from all I read. Easy on my left leg with plenty of grip for street driving. They were $100 five years ago so probably $500 today. LOL


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  8. 15 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

    A slight wine of the clutch when disengaged in 1 gear (or second) is nothing to worry about i think..

    Could be the throw out bearing? My 280 does it when in neutral with no clutch engagement.

    I pressed it on the collar myself. Next time I had my machinest press the bearing on my 240. It's as quite as a church mouse.

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