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  1. You are right. Mine was temporary so maybe you should plug them both. I did it until my parts came in and honestly didn't drive the car. Let's see what the others say. I'm sorry for adding any confusion.
  2. Ding! Your life will change after high school. Ding! Your life will change after high school. I should've called my mom Betty!
  3. Connect the elbow on the head to the Y under the spark plugs. You don't want the rear of the head dead, it needs to flow. I will suggest not romping on your car until the flowing starts, thermostat open. I've read stories of the core plugs blowing out.
  4. I looped mine with a hose. Easiest to connect one to the other. Lots of opinions so I fixed my asap.
  5. My take on taxing fuel in my country is as simple as higher prices on everything that has to be transported. After Katrina diesel fuel prices went crazy. Then the trickle down began to cause consumer prices to rise on everyday needs. We vote with our wallets over here and there's way more empty ones than full.
  6. Mr Duffy created the perfect euphemism with that. Knowingly I suppose? My sarcasm senses are off these past 4 years.
  7. That's my take. Half the Americans see it us aginst them but we're all this together. Like it or not. So Biden got the white house.
  8. "It's been a long time coming but I know a change is gonna come" Whether you like it or not.
  9. At least you have Grumpy Cat to enteryain you.
  10. @Av8ferg knows the guys FB page. I rode up and looked at a 240 for him.
  11. There's a guy near me on hybridz that has turbo ls in one and supercharged ls in another. They are super fast but he wishes he had them back in stock form after their value went through the roof. Something to think about. Find a cheaper 280 and put the crate motor in or even better the rb.
  12. From my past experience it also works upside down.
  13. This came up on my marketplace feed this morning. If someone's interested I could go take a look. Rough car but for the price, if you're into turbos, it might be worth it? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/724567265137565
  14. Your bores look normal to me. Mine had that unused top grunge. The rings don't go that far up. Looks to me like your front carb was out of adjustment and carboned up #1 #2 and #3 cylinders, bores and valves, maybe from over fueling? "that'll buff out!" Sorry Dutchzcarguy if I caused you a lost sale.
  15. You mean these? Nissan still has these believe it or not. Edit, they're painted now. The vinyl wrap caused rust.
  16. you get a 10% discount from MSA with your user number fyi. Looks like yours is 2593.
  17. That is amazing. I would have never guessed. This would be like the needle? Now I know why she never said my fuel level was low while driving. It would have skipped.
  18. Are my bipod thing copy and paste not showing up right? I'm using my phone and it looks good on my end. Just curious, you've mentioned that a couple of times to my replies.
  19. I had a problem with mine popping out of 5th and reverse after going to a 5sp. It was the shift rod hitting and not letting it go fully into gear. I ground some off where the nicks were and it's okay now.
  20. Thanks for standing up and fighting for me and my family, our rights and our Democracy. Thank you for your service.
  21. I was reading about a new test they came up with that shows T cells? that was better than the previous test for antibodies. I, and a lot of other folks apparently, was horribly sick in February with what my doctor said was an upper respiratory infection at the time. Now I think it may have been some type of covid as do others. I'm anxious to get the new test done to see if I have built up immunities.
  22. I can hardly ever figure out your sarcasm Zed Head. I'm glad I don't work for you.
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