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  1. Okay @Zed Head this is blatant sarcasm. No brains required. It's pretty funny. https://www.tmz.com/videos/2020-11-21-112120-brian-williams-4888195/
  2. I can add to your Hoover file. I remember the thread from @grantf in 2011. Here's his pictures that might help the OP. There's actually 3 hinges but a long piano hinge would also work. Any how here they are.
  3. About half way down they talk about driveshafts and where to get one. https://www.datsunzgarage.us/borg/ Powertrain Industries Eh, that doesn't come up on mine. Too old I guess?
  4. This really helped me when I was learning the SUs. Thank you @240260280 https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/39221-quick-and-dirty-su-tuning/
  5. Mine did that after I rebuilt the motor and put everything back together. I got the linkage flats beside the carbs in the wrong order. Shot up to 3K at start up. Here's a picture you can double check yours to. Good luck.
  6. I found this. https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-americamovil-us-revc&source=android-home&source=hp&ei=qxK3X5brCIPU5gKN6rP4Dg&q=abs+plastic+glue+classiczcars.com+&oq=abs+plastic+glue+classiczcars.com+&gs_lcp=ChFtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1ocBADMgUIIRCgATIFCCEQqwI6AggpOgYIKRAWEB46BwgpELEDEAo6BQgpEMkDOg4IKRCxAxCDARDJAxCTAjoICAAQsQMQgwE6AgguOgIIADoFCAAQsQM6BQguELEDOggIABCxAxDJAzoFCAAQkgM6BQgAEMkDOgYIABAWEB46CAghEBYQHRAeOgcIIRAKEKABOgUIABDNAlDMFlijmAJg0KcCaAJwAHgAgAGtAYgBuhySAQQxLjI2mAEAoAEBsAEP&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-hp
  7. I used a black pvc glue on my console and was very happy with my results. I cannot say for sure for your problem but many have used the same. You have to stay on it as far as the texture and finish. I was happy with my work when finished. Hopefully you can get the same results.
  8. I agree 100%. I just hope we can stay somewhat informed on this remarkable car. I don't know if Nissan has an American museum but this one deserves a spot for sure.
  9. I've spent a lot of time at that track. My Dad carried me to the time trials on Friday, skipping school. When I got my license he could drink some beers and let me be the designated driver. That was funny! I raced at the motorcycle track down there we called Little Tally. It was the w.e.r.a series. I ran a gsxr 750 and won a couple but the crack dealers won mostly. More money, better bikes. I've done the ride around twice and it was like $100 each time. It amazed me how steep those turns are going in. Some back up driver with a passenger's seat in the car about 160, 175mph. When I was younger the infield was wild as hell. Unbelievable what they used to do inside. Dunebuggys, falling down drunks were everywhere. Amazing what a lawsuit can change. Those were the 200mph and over days. Bill Elliott was the king then.
  10. You're a lucky man! Err...a hard worker. Nonetheless I'm jealous! 6 acres is a whole neighborhood where I live. Keep on keeping on! Oh about let's see a picture of that brown Z? I liked the cat with the nuts stuck all over it, didn't look like he did though.
  11. I'll tell you Mr Racer, you're really digging deep into our forum. I got a LIKE from 2017! I appreciate that even though I know you're bored and quarantined but hats off to you for reading all the old stuff. I read as much as I can on here because these cars are close to my heart. My Dad used to take my keys away every time I looked at him wrong. Then I turned 17 and bought a '76 for $1,000 and put it in my Mom's name (they divorced when I was a baby) and gave him the keys to my Camaro and told him to shove them up his arse. One of the best things I ever did! He respected me a lot more after that plus I got bit by the Zeeee. Hang in there, Ms Racer will be home in......another month.
  12. $140,000 seems about right to me, fair price for the seller and buyer. Congratulations @brunodoggy
  13. This song is my favorite. "I've seen some things I thought I never saw, covered in hair"
  14. I love that band! I used to hang out in New Orleans a lot back in the late '90s and early 2000s. My buddy lived above Coops on Decatur Street and that's where I stayed when I went down. One night I was walking around and walked down towards Esplanade and heard them playing at the old El Matador on the corner of Decatur and Esplanade. I think I just walked in, free, and stayed all night. It was one of the best times ever. They had just come out of playing in the desert in California and started getting famous. I bought their 1st disc, Rated R.
  15. He brought 32 million into UA last year. He's worth every dollar of that contract. You have to spend money to make money. Bill Belicheck, Lebron James, Tom Brady etc. I don't know how the RNC feels right now?
  16. I had a routine doctor's appointment this morning. He says all his colleagues are very worried about the vacines. It's impossible to rush a vaccine through the trials needed. The frontline workers aren't willing to be the Guinea pigs on this political cluster flub.
  17. Don't you talk about Coach Saban! That's sacrilege down here. 💣
  18. The powers that be can't find the money for us? Spend it or give it back. What in world has happened to the states that get federal funds? Alabama is #3. We don't have to be. Once again I'm embarrassed to live in the state. https://www.wtva.com/content/news/Alabama-groups-ask-governor-to-use-up-1B-in-COVID-19-relief-573058761.html
  19. Your crazy! Like all of us.
  20. I don't have to open my mouth! My actions get the laughs.
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