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  1. "The kung flu is a hoax." "I'm the president! Don't talk to the POTUS like that" He knew a guy that had a 240 I'm sure so it's okay.
  2. Sad to see the sale off as of late from the pandemic. People have priorities and a Z car can make quite a few mortgage payments.
  3. My 280zx wide transmission's shifter hit in my 240. If you take the shift rod out you can see the nicks if it's hitting.
  4. I agree with mr Racer 100% on this. I have had so many tell me I had an exhaust gasket leak but I do not. You can hear things so much better with header runners it sounds like a leak but isn't. Do the short section of hose as a stethoscope and you'll hear all 6 sound the same.
  5. I'll say something on percolation that will get some disagreements I'm positive. I've never had, heard of actual heat problems. It always ends up being something else. Low float bowl levels more than anything. The guys that race use electric pumps to keep the fuel flowing and cool through the return line. We've all read about heat causing problems, ad nauseam to the extreme. Wrapped headers, youtube heat shields, electric fans and more. Wound up being low fuel level.
  6. I have my pvc to the block and the balance tube as shown here. What kind of headers? Mine are heat coated already and do not get hot at all. The carbs are actually cool to the touch, more on top though.
  7. I'd considered an old painting trick before the adhesive, Penetrol wipe down on the car's paint. Just a thought though, I like to study all the angles. It's what the old timers used to paint signs on glass. It makes a slick surface tacky. https://www.flood.com/products/paint-additives/penetrol-oil-based-paint-additive
  8. I'm about to put a new hatch seal on my 240 so I'm curious. Are you saying wipe the seal's channel down with isopropyl alcohol beforehand then apply the adhesive? Thanks
  9. I didn't apply anything. After I posted that I sort of recall reading it was some type of acid in the mix that caused it to blacken. Google it and get a quick read on it. It was given to me by a car painter for the rust on a 240 I bought and sold without repainting. He said use that and let the next buyer decide on paint. I just drove it for a few years.
  10. "At risk of outbreak" how is that determined I wonder?
  11. I've had good luck with S.EM's rust inhibator. It turns the rust black but stops it dead in it's tracks.
  12. He was asymptomatic a month or so ago and quarantined for 2 weeks. They're saying he's actually sick and feeling it this time. I haven't had a chance to read the full article until now. Just got home from a hugely busy day at the restaurant. I'll let you know if it's a known path. Cliff
  13. Alabama's Coach Saban has tested positive. He will not coach the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn, the biggest game of our year here in the State. Never in my wildest imagination could this happen. Just imagine if Tom Brady wasn't the QB for the patriots, that sets the bar. Oh wait, he's in Tampa.
  14. I think you should find a good rebuild able set, buy the kit from ztherapy.com that comes with the DVD for general instructions. I love videos but the only way for me was the hands on approach. You clean them as you go, make sure and keep the parts separate to the front and rear, wipe them down with this stuff and you'll be happy. BTW, how deep have you already gone with the EFI? That's something to consider in my opinion. That's why I have a set of SUs mounted on the wall in my garage. I replaced my whole EFI system before I bought a 240 and fell in love with the carbs. I'm sure you seen this but I'll post it again.
  15. We use the LED "tape"? around cooler doors at the restaurant. Looks great too. Easy to apply.
  16. I've quit worrying. My state is red one day and green the next. The testing yo-yos too much for me. I wonder how stringent the testing is in Alaska. Alabama, none.
  17. Wow! That was a pita. I'm using my phone and forgot to lower the pics mb's. Anyhow I will get whatever you need tomorrow. I have to cook dinner then beat the dog. Cliff
  18. NippI'ma do a photo dump for now starting from the rear. This car is in a cocoon and of course the battery was dead so I had to get down in there. I can answer questions when this K4 kicks in. The 3 hinges are riveted on the foward peice and phillips head screws on the rear section. Those tool bins are not accessible on my raised deck 280 like my 240. You can see them under the board but I had to unscrew the cargo straps to lift the board to photograph them. There's a long piece of chrome trim that holds the carpet down above those bins.
  19. I'll get you loaded down with pics when I get home. About an hour?
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