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  1. What ever you do, do not use them, I made the mistake one time and took me over six months of repeated emailing to finally get my order which Showcar had shipped from another company! Trust me, you may never get what you order if you choose them.
  2. dzc922


    Thanks Steve.
  3. dzc922


    Can anyone advise the following part number 80100-n3600? I know that it is a right hand door, but I need to know what year models it is for. Thanks. Richard. I thinks this may be for 260z, not sure.
  4. hey, I do know that Fourways Enginering.com.uk reproduces that panel for the 240z. Im sure that if you contacted them, They could make it for your car also. The only problem is going to be shipping due to their location.
  5. I placed an order with them also and thought that I would never get it but they came through. Total time was approx. two months to get the kit. I agree with you, very slow!
  6. Thanks, I will check on that.
  7. Thanks, Thats what I was looking for.
  8. Hi, just wanted to find out if anyone remembers the Amco door panel protectors that were available back in the 70's, and also where I might be able to find a set New or used?. I have a friend looking for some. Thanks, Richard.
  9. Hey Richard. French Fry here (Chris Gray). Joined this forum so I could keep up with your progress on your Z. Man, everything looks awesome and very professional. You are doing some great restoration work and are meticulous in what you're doing, which as you know I admire. Continue the great work.

  10. They are actually very shinny, the picture does not do them justice.
  11. Not that I would pay this amount, but I have seen a set sell for $500.00.
  12. Yes, he does, but he said they belonged on my car anyway. Like i said, he is a great friend.
  13. Hi, I just wanted to show everyone my newest find. My good friend Roger Williams had these stored away for years, and was kind enough to let me have them for my 72 240 that I am currently restoring. Thats a good friend for sure! Richard.
  14. No problem, I think that you will get the best results when using the half quarters as to be sure to get all the rust out. Also, I was able to find a NOS full right hand quarter panel, which was great. Hope your project goes well. Richard
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