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  1. Thanks Rolf - I've emailed him so we'll see how commercial he is!
  2. Engine - the weak spot ? I had a Renault 30 with that engine and albeit a heavy car with auto transmission - it was a stonker with never a problem! They did the same crown wheel job to fit the engine in a Lambo Muira kit in the '80s!
  3. Sean Dezart

    V8 Z

    This looks remarkably like the ex Mike Feeney/ Rob Henshaw UK car and definitely not a scarab. It was used predominantly on dragstrips.
  4. After a very short hesitation (and I am a 240Z man) I'd take the GTR!
  5. Thanks Ivan, One of the best I've seen - did GTOs really have those odd three dashboard airvents ? And it's a shame they've gone the sure way to get the HP by slipping a (nicely done) V8 in. Even if it was the same price as a Zed, I still wouldn't swap it - it's still a wanabee and I prefer to be!
  6. Someone here just asked me if one can use the Alfa GTV 2.5 V6 webers that were on the early pre-injection model ? Thumbs up or down Hey Guus, do you have pictures also of the Zs up there that run a diesel and the other on GPL ?
  7. Alan, your photos beat the hell outa pornography anyday! I really want to fondle those air filters!!! Jeez, if I could just spend an hour in your photo library...
  8. The bionic woman is a new one for me but difficult to get repeats in France! Capricorn 1 has to be the best for a Z shot! I've seen more than enough Cobra kits in my lifetime - some even running on Rover (ex-Buick) 3.5 V8s or even Ford Cortina 2ltr engines! The best ones are of aluminium not steel though. And didn't the Delorean run on the Renault/Peugeot/Volvo (PRV)engine of 2.7 ltr V6 ?
  9. Anyone notice the black GTO kit at the beginning of the Tom Cruise film - Vanilla Sky ? Made me think that I have forgotten how many films, TV shows and other celluloid excerpts contain Zs or ZXs. Does anyone have a running count? A good one was Top Gun when she drove her 356 and caused a 260? to brake hard. Does Tom Cruise have a fetish for Zs? Sean
  10. I would never want to change a Z into a Ferrari kit - I don(t like many of 'em, Porches even less - I like being different and Zeds over here are rarer than either of these two makes! For the same reasons I don't like most British sports - cars, Alfas, Godinis... I can respect them though. But as Fred said, it's all about being different and a 275 looks like a better road car. All the books talk about Datsun looking at Porsches and E-types when trying out designs, don't you think the 240 came out more like the 275? Hey, my all time favourite is a Muira 400S and I even started checking out the kit for it but in the end even if it is an A1 replica, you know yourself that it doesn't have the soul of the original. It's still true that the only way to tell a real Stratos from a replica is to see how well the body fits together - if it's good - it's a fake! Anyone notice the black GTO kit at the beginning of the Tom Cruise film - Vanilla Sky ? Sean
  11. Ok we've all seen various 250GTO kits in various degrees of good/bad taste, some still running on 260Z alloys etc. Can anyone tell me if there was ever a 275GTB kit? This seems to be much more like a Z and I would imagine it would be a heck of a lot easier to convert - the car even has the fared-in lights like a G-nose! Anyone? ps I wouldn't change my impending 240 for one - honest! Sean
  12. Bearing in mind that most if not all Le Mans circuit campsites are fully booked and generally a premium will be charged for those spaces still available; a good campsite that I've already stayed on right close to the circuit is Camping Le Houssay tel 33 2 43 21 16 58 / 33 2 43 39 27 44 fax 33 2 43 39 27 59 Just 5kms from Arnage
  13. Rolf, Thanks for the tip - how do you access the lamp?
  14. Sean Dezart

    my 72

    Victor, PLease, please send me some pictures of your 72 Z. I'd already decided to paint it Primrose yellow after seeing an e-type (XKE I guess for you) at Le Mans.
  15. STOP PRESS Brittany dates have changed!!! Due to overwhelming pressure from interested parties, we have put back the Golf of Morbihan (Brittany) weekend which will now be held on June 6/7/8th. Why, because the Le mans 24 hour race is the weekend after - 14/15 and plenty of people want to combine both to warrant the trip. The programme will start the same with a beach party the Friday 6th, and planned over the weekend, an island boat trip, a visit to the Dukes of Brittanys' summer chateau, the medieaval city of Vannes, scenic routes around the Golf and more besides fine food and great company. We will endeavour to keep you amused during the week until Le Mans - don't forget that race qualifying starts the Wednesday evening - really not to be missed! IMPORTANT Your accommodation for Le Mans needs to be booked NOW. Email Sean at seanz@wanadoo.fr or call 0033 6 10 82 72 21 We look forward to welcoming you Sean et Cathy
  16. Alan, Don't you sleep? I need mine to dream of zeds and recuperate at the same time. I'm going to think about this a while - organising it doesn't frighten me - I started it all off with Peter Traffords' help in '92 at Goodwood - where you there - I seem to remember one or two like yours? Yeah, I'm damned proud - I even have a video of it knocking around somewhere! You know, usually at shows, as you wrote, the cars park as they arrive or by club and not by series - I saw it done once in Switzerland in '91 and it looks great - why not? I 'll need some help to put on one over here but the aim is that each country hosts one each year. GUUS - WHEN IS HOLLAND PUTTING ON ANOTHER - 2005? But I don't want it to be just cars and just parked up. Let's get out there and drive and see things, visits etc. Sean
  17. Hi Guus and Alan Thanks for your input - Guus, where were you in April for the karting and when you want to ask Nissan to hire a circuit here to perhaps promote Nissan via the new 350Z, I'll race you but you'd better paint a smile on your face! Alan, we'll make sure there is plenty of sand!!! Seriously, we are making enquiries for Ledenon circuit where I think it costs 50 euros for unlimited track time in one day. I think we are going to start something up (in 2004) with a run in France finsihing at Le Mans and the 24 hour race in June. There are less people on the roads,the season hasn't fully started and the weather seems more stable than in July/August. Next September (2003) we hope to host a weekend in the Toulouse area. Alan I hear you, but how can I forbid Zs other than the HS30series especially here where there weren't many imported and I believe only then from about 1972/3 onwards? In order for any club to grow and stimulate interest, it must cater for the entire range before (perhaps) splitting into different registers! For me also the JAE wasn't my scene, I prefer a cool weekend when I can sleep at night! They were too many, over-excited, over-paid kids with little taste and no hearing! I can assure you that the weekends that we put on here are much less formal -a gentlemans outing - put us to the test! Sean
  18. Sean Dezart

    my 72

    Hi Victor Thanks for postings photos of the show. My favourite is yours in 3/4 profile, probably because my z project is going to have jaguar primrose yellow paint. Could I be bold and ask you to send me some pictures of your 72 Z. I have a girlfriend I must convince. Sean
  19. You wear it well - thanks for your tips. After all I've done to get another Zed on the road, I want to give it every chance to stay there! Sean
  20. I have a friend in the south of France whose car was recently flooded in the rian - under 6 feet of clay and water! Anyway, as he is restoring the car- stubborn, determined chap is Eric, he would like to know if there exists commercially pre-louvred bonnet flaps to allow the hot air a better out-flow?
  21. Hi, hope you can help me. I want to fit a three spoke wooden DISHED wheel - the same diameter as the original? to my 240Z. What are the options out there Mom, Motolita, Nardi etc and do you know of some sites where I could view 'em?
  22. Anyone know where one can get reasonabbly priced replacement black roof lining for a 240Z? i also heard that a certain years'? Ford Escort door aperture trim is as effective and very closely resembles that of the 240Z but at a fraction of the cost - can anyone confirm the year? I'm not really a cheapie but 100 pounds for one side is ridiculous!
  23. Thanks ESCANLON, that's the sort of idea I need. I just managed to get into my boots this morning Fred - thanks but Cathy wouldn't agree with you! I'm still listening guys - right up until the car is painted in Dec! Sean - the slalom master ps I was at a Classic car race this weekend at Dijon and saw an ex ralleye car - probably the mule of the cars that ran in the early Tulip and/or RAC ralleyes - I await the info from the Belgian owner. He was in a race of 34 cars and ahead of all the Porches, a Chevron and a lighweight e-type! Side exhaust, rear discs and no spare wheel space.
  24. Sean Dezart

    No caption

    great photographer -lousy car!
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