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  1. I expected to get asked to create a login name and password. That did not happen. When it went directly to my PayPal account and they possessed the $30 to the site, then I was hoping for the Make Name And Login request. That did not happen. I checked with Paypal and I got charged $30 to ZONC.org. and this all happened in about 3 minutes. So what am I to expect now? I am about to go to my bank and say "HEY! this is what happen so go after them!" Polecat
  2. So I wanted to join ZONC.org. Went to the web page, got a membership, sent $30 via PAYPAL and it only wanted the year of my car and the month of my birthday. I thought Hmm, Thats different! Maybe they will finish the registration later on... NO! Did I just get screwed? Polecat
  3. Hey! I got this cam from Miss Potter a few years back. Can anyone tell me what lash pads I need to install it on a rebuilt E88 head? Everything, valves, springs, lifters are factory new except this cam. Has this cam been reground? Anyway to tell? Also the cam had some surface rust on the journals that seems to clean up nicely with a scotch pad. Any info is great! Thanks... Polecat
  4. Hello all! Is there anyplace in the Sacramento area that set up 240Z head lash pads? I will build everything but dont have the equipment to check or do the lash pads. Thanks ! polecat
  5. Will, its been a LONG while but now that I got the money the Z is getting its much needed body work done! To the blaster Monday morning then all the bents, dings and rust being taken care of!
  6. Hey! I am looking for any info on what was the original battery for the 72 Z. Does anyone have pictures? I am trying to "Disguise" a new battery as the original. Any pictures are better then none and none is what I have now. if I can find a old dead battery I would consider buying it. Thanks! Polecat
  7. Hey guys. How do I find out where my 72 Z was first sold? All paperwork was lost in the 80s and the car sat in a bush in Nevada until I got it a couple of years ago. (Been posting bits about its resoration) But HOW do I find where its from so I can at least find some licence plate frames to match. Thanks! Polecat
  8. As time goes on with my Z project, I stopped adding up the receipts and just sick them into a binder. I am sure that in the end I will have spend FAR MORE then I can ever get for the car. So the spending goes on..... The most resent spree is the dash. I wanted to just put a full cap on and get the gauges looking nice and running but the deeper I got, the more I thought "Oh! I Can Fix That Too!" So now with a second dash frame being prepped for restoration, The entire Heater box, fan being rebuild including replating all the nuts, screws, bolts washers, linkage, including painstakingly replacing all the foam seals with "As Close As I Can Get" replacements, I am now looking at whats the best way to deal with the dash cover. I have the best cap available but at this point, No! I am going all the way! So. What is better? Finding a new in the box dash? Or going to a place like Just Dashes. Honestly, Someplace like that I have never used or been too and I am worried that well the gauges fit to tight? Too lose? Will they get it right including the little indent next to the Hazard switch? So the big question, New Dash or Just Dashes? Polecat
  9. This is a FULL restoration. Need the original But thanks! Polecat
  10. Hey there! I am looking for a splash pan for my early 72 240! Anyone got one floating around and willing to part with it? Its going to be striped and then replated the silver Zinc like when it was installed on the car from the factory. Its part of the restoration that I am doing. Any leads will be appreciated!
  11. So... How many 72s actually had the Oil Pan Support Brackets??? I took apart 3 "stock" motors and have yet to see them. Polecat
  12. No its a 1979 pioneer that I use for testing old stereo that I am rebuilding. I have a 1975 Pioneer 9500 series in the house.
  13. Its been a while sense my last post about the 72 project so I thought I give a heads up on the progress! In the beginning when I said I was going to restore this car, I had a lot of people including some family member and good friends that said I should just get it running. But I wanted to restore and have virtually a new 1972 240Z. So after a couple of years into the project, the body is about to get a complete make over with new panels and original paint, every nut, bolt steel part that was ZINC coated getting a new coat and now decided to post a couple of pics! Enjoy! Polecat
  14. think that is the problem. A lot of online order places list the part for all years so little details like this gets missed. Thanks again! Polecat
  15. That helps and thanks! Polecat
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