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  1. The front mats come without the slots cut for the securing hooks in the floor pan to go through. They're easy enough to cut myself but should I take them to an upholstery shop to edge stitch after cutting or is there a DIY trick that will work? Also the included firewall snap fasteners don't seem to be the same size as the original or do they need a little more initial force to mate?
  2. Looking for one with the Z horn button, lame I know.
  3. Specifically this one. Thought I check to see if a used one was available before buying new.
  4. Yep, these are what I'm after. After some basic Google searches it was pretty obvious that these aren't readily available so I bought some metal rod of the same diameter and will be fabricating a crude bending jig and make new ones.
  5. I'm replacing the crappy Victoria British/Black Dragon straps that I installed in the early 90's and have had a couple of the clips that hook into the seat frame holding the straps in place break on me. Rather than see how many more break I'd rather just replace them all with new. I am able to make my own as it's pretty easy to fabricate a jig to bend the wire I would honestly rather just buy them if possible. I've check some upholstery supply stores online but have found nothing so far.
  6. Cool! Thanks for the link.
  7. Was going to order from here. https://www.albrightssupply.com/rubber-webbing-p/w2000.htm
  8. So you rivet the straps around the clips/hooks and then stretch to insert hooks into the seat frame? I'm pretty sure last time I did it I stretched the straps around the hooks while they were in the frame and then clamped the supplied hog rings in place which after giving it some thought sounds really stupid now.
  9. What did you wind up doing re. stretching? I restrapped my seats ( very poorly) close to 25 years ago with a kit from Victoria British/Black Dragon. The included hog rings and pliers were a real pain in the arse if I recall correctly and have not held up over the years. Part of the pita was stretching the straps, what did you or anyone else who may read this do? I'm about to rebuild my seats (covers, foam, straps) and want to do it right this time. Just curious, has anyone ever just welded a metal plate to the bottom of the seat frame to replace the straps?
  10. I have my turn signal switch dismantled to clean the contacts. I wound up removing some paint from the arm while cleaning it and thought it would look good polished ( I think I saw that 240Z Upgrades does this? ) but I'll just repaint if it will wind up rusting.
  11. No longer there, can you repost?
  12. Hi I have a 71 240 that I have owned since 1989. When I got it there was a pair of DGV's installed that never worked very well. About ten years ago when I had the cylinder head rebuilt I had a pair of Z Therapy SU's installed and they have been perfectly fine. However.... I still lust for a set of 3 sidedrafts. Is there an argument to be made for Weber vs Mikuni or the other way around? Size recommendations? The engine is a stock L24 block and the cam is the stage 1 performance cam from MSA.
  13. Update, just put a fine cut file to the opening and it works now. Wonder how long until I disconnect the door buzzer? Thanks all.
  14. I used Nissan parts I ordered from MSA. The right and left switches were different, right side had one wire and the left had two. The switches are identical to the ones I removed. I'll try cleaning out the mounting hole.
  15. I replaced the 40 year old, non working door switches today. the passenger side works fine but the drivers side is puzzling. At first it didn't work until it was inserted back into the opening. Shortly after the door open buzzer started, never knew there was one. Went back to check after sundown and now the drivers side switch and door buzzer don't work. The passenger side has no issue. Any ideas?
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