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  1. Here's some backfill on the pre-2002 times, besides just the registration cards. Apparently the car had been stored for three years before 1979. So that's 30,000 miles in about 5 years, ~ 7/71 - 7/76. So it had some driving done on it, about 6,000 miles / year. Only about 7 years total on the road, as an actual driver. These 5 plus 79 - 81. Post 2002 was just "show"-driving. There's also a list of parts, hoses, clamps, tuneup parts, etc., to go through. For anyone working on the puzzle. Picture #320.
  2. Here's a section from the FSM about the warning switch. I'd check fluid levels and bleed the brakes first thing. Check the pads and other parts also. You never know what a PO might have done. My calipers were on the wrong sides when I got my car. The drawing shows the little nipple that the wire attaches to, that AK260 mentioned. https://www.classiczcars.com/files/category/11-240z/
  3. Have you measured cylinder pressures? If they are correct then valve seals would be the next place to look. Pretty easy to replace, easier than replacing oil scraper rings on the pistons.
  4. Welcome Greggers13 and good luck. Just trying to figure out what makes a car valuable and working on a good puzzle at the same time. Sure would help to know more about the guy that bought it new and what he did with/to it. Somebody, zweed, just bid it up by $1000. Doesn't know how to play the game...
  5. Replying to siteunseen's post - I think that people might be able to hide their comments from public view also. Several that I just read have disappeared from view. Oh well. BAT is actually more of a collector's club now, not really the "bring a trailer" auction site it started as. IdahoZ replied to Rodeo but only Rodeo can see it because he's registered. It's a secret club now.
  6. The BAT discussions are weird to read. People pop in just to say "wow" or offer obscure comments. The non-constructive ones are probably the most interesting. They should make those optional for viewing.
  7. Somehow the word **** doesn't seem to be on the list. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/oct/16/profanity-filter-bones-paleontologists-conference
  8. That was 26th or HS30 asking for Captain Obvious. If you ask the BAT guys a direct question or look them in the eye they get nervous and shout "Non-constructive!", and your comment is blocked. Edit - plus CO doesn't have a BAT account, I assume. So, it really was asking for a friend. Edit 2 - or PZR just asked coincidentally, or was asked to ask. Who knows. The BAT crowd is a little cliquey. And Wob has still avoided the carb question. Plus he ignored the former Datsun dealer Spyder-man.
  9. Wob is reading the comments and addressing issues, squashing and dispelling, but he hasn't addressed the carburetor comment, which was seconded by someone else too. Not a good look for FIVA either, if they missed it. p.s. if I'm overposting in this thread feel free to say so, either directly or via message. I'm enthralled though, I want to see what happens next. Will Wob succeed in making the sale and breaking the quarter million dollar goal? Or will the plan be foiled by the eagle eyes and vast knowledge of the "peanut gallery"?
  10. I know the later cars had the holes for the Zerks but they were capped with a screw. Remove the screw, insert the Zerk, fill with grease, reverse procedure. I don't know about the super early 240Z's though. But the hexagonal screw head is easy to see if it's not covered in grease and dirt. It should have slot in it also, for a screwdriver.
  11. Wob outed vance911 as the stepson of lstepp4re then threw shade at them both! Not very nice. Odd also how many "value" defenders" are out there. Wob is out there right now though if anyone has a thought to send him... Like does day 1 mean 1971 day 1 or 2002 day 1? Still, pre-2002, actually, nobody knows what happened to that car, I think.
  12. A new picture nit-picker. Don't know if he's on to something or not.
  13. Does anybody know who Wob is, more than just meeting him at a show? Is he basically just a car salesman? He's spending a lot of time dispelling and squashing. He should just say "nobody knows what happened to this car before 1981". And this guy seems to be adding museums to the owners list. There was only one, and it's really just one guy buying cars. Didn't even read the BAT listing, apparently. The discussion is as interesting as the car...
  14. The video works now. Wob spends 8+ minutes looking for overspray. I'm just fascinated by the thought of bidding 100's of thousands of dollars for something based on pictures and the internet reputation of somebody called Wob. And there's a new guy, Rodeo, who doesn't get that comments are veiled and innuendo used by the "peanut gallery" because the straightforward ones get flagged as non-constructive. Good entertainment. People with extra money arguing about the quality of an old car. Greggers13 is probably getting nervous.
  15. Some threads are unraveling in the story that's being woven. Wob says he's known the car's history since new. But it was in storage for 21 years. Apparently it's still in the Malamut collection, he has to travel out there to get pictures. Wob seems to be a salesman, an agent for the real "seller". He wants to "squash" dissent quickly. He's probably the one flagging comments as "non-constructive". Doesn't seem right. BAT seems to be turning in to a tool for the high end sales people. Shame. Wob says he posted a video but it's private.
  16. I think the 240Z's, at least this one, has/have moved from 240Z collectors over to the realm of old car collectors. Collecting not because they like Z's but because they're old and "expensive". Doesn't seem like Wob really knows Z's, he has comments about other old cars but misses the point of some of the things that a Z person would know. The heater core bypass is bad for cooling, it's a straight shot from the back of the head to the pump inlet. The coolant just cools picks up heat from the block then goes right back to the pump without seeing the radiator then does it again. He could fix that without disturbing anything. The hose clamps are the kind that everyone hates, boooo. It's not even really a good restoration. It's probably a good base for a restoration though. And it's good entertainment for flaw-finding.
  17. Have you checked the pickup coil in the distributor? The ZX distributors like to break the magnet also, so check that. And the air gap. Otherwise, kind of seems like your ignition module is shorted out. The module grounds through the distributor body and that wire that gets warm would be part of that ground circuit. It will also ground through the distributor mounting points so the wire is not necessary. Set things up so that you can see spark from the center wire from the coil (take the wire out of the distributor cap and place it close to a ground point) and disconnect then reconnect the wire from the coil - post to the C terminal on the module. That should make and break the coil circuit if the module is shorted. If the module is shorted each connection will re-energize the coil, and each disconnection will cause a spark. Do this with the key on, of course. If you don't get a spark take the same wire from the coil negative and tap it to ground. That should create a spark from the coil's center wire. That will confirm that the coil is working correctly.
  18. The Quail 2018. Q? Hmmm... Rarified air. https://www.peninsula.com/en/signature-events/events/motorsports/2018/event-overview https://sportscardigest.com/quail-motorsports-gathering-2018-report-photos/3/?envira_id=282882#envira-gallery-wrap-282882
  19. It's licensed in Nevada as WAY240. But there are no driving or engine running videos. Weird. And the guy with the top bid plans to just store it, apparently. I think this car is like one of those rare stamps or coins, with defects or strange histories. Only valuable because of its weirdness. Like a side-show attraction at a circus. Some of these guys seem to have marital problems also...
  20. I just had the horrible experience of terrible music coming from my computer speakers for no apparent reason. I had to shut open tabs until the awful sound stopped. It stopped when I shut the CZCC tab. @Mike are you aware? I've noticed that the ads autoplay little video scripts, which is annoying. But the sound is too much.
  21. The slot also determines the position of the gear since the gear is off center from the hole it sits in. So if you pushed past the slot the gear could be too deep and on the wrong axis, too far or too close, if the slot is not where the bolt is. Found a cool cutout picture of a gear installed. Different brand, same concept. http://www.gtsparkplugs.com/SpeedoGearCalc.html
  22. Somebody at this place, Malamut Auto Museum, must know something. "Wob" bought it from there, apparently. Odd that it's in Thousand Oaks CA, but the car was titled in Nevada. A way around CA titling problems, probably. The "Museum" (basically just Mike Malamut's huge car collection), has a different 1970 240Z. Maybe the replacement for the one on BAT. Anybody know Mike Malamut? Or Wob? Doesn't really seem like a survivor, more like a reviver. Brought back from the dead. Probably in pretty crusty shape after the first 21 years of storage. http://malamutautomuseumfoundation.org/the-collection/japanese/ http://malamutautomuseumfoundation.org/ https://www.facebook.com/Malamut-Auto-Museum-1122168147860406/
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