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  1. went down to my local nissan dealer here in oz to check out the new 350 great car by the way . any how while i was there he showed me a new book that they supply with the car here which you only get if you buy the car new.it was about the hisory of the z and the process of how the new 350 came into fruition.the book is printed in the states can anyone tell me if they have heard of it and if it is for sale?
  2. ranz

    Datsun Nationals

    thanks for the info . at least i know they are definitly on . now to organise a long trip. might see you there . ranz
  3. Does any one know any thing about a Datsun nationals in Toowoomba at Easter 03. If so can they please post some details. Thanks ranz
  4. thanks for the help guys . Gives me something to think about now.
  5. can anyone please offer any advice on where is the best place to fit a set of plain old 6 inch round speakers into my car .I dont want them in boxes or in the doors. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Ranz.
  6. G,day I have only ever seen the metal side mirrors here in oz (thats when you see original ones of course ) Ive even seen 260,s with them although I dont know if these were original either. Mine came complete with elcheapo plastic items but I will see what I can find out at our next local z club mtng . Regards Ranz
  7. ranz

    g,day everone

    Thanks to the people that replied to my post. As I said Im new to this computer lark but im sure I will get the hang of it eventually.I dont have a scanner or a digital camera as yet so I cant send any pics thru as yet but I can tell you that my baby is a73 240 it has matching numbers it is 114 brown (yuk) it is stillall std but go,s well and I drive it every day . I have just welded in new floors and I am going to remove the body rust soon will send pics when I can. regards Ranz
  8. Had my 73 240z for about a year now (and my computer for 1 week) wish my pc was as easy to drive as my z car so bear with me i may mess things up a little at first.Living in Australia means alot of your stuff is not relevent over here but if i can share any information with anyone I would be happy to help if i can. regards Ranz