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    Arizona (got a condo made of stona)
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    70 240Z HLS30 00907 installed weatherstrip on doors and hatch, stock springs and horn put back on the PO took off, carb work, wiper motor now 97 Honda wiper motor, new master vac, map light fixed, rust prevention under car/inside frame passages. PO had car from 1978 to 2009 a 31 year span.
    Previous cars:
    71 240Z, orange in color, replaced rings and bearings, painted back to original orange from a brown color, replaced bearings and synchros in transmission, sold in 1985.
    85 300ZX turbo my only new car.
    260Z, orange

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Put new rings and engine main/rod bearings into my first Z, a '71.  Also put new synchronizers/bearings in the 4 spd transmission in that car.  Got interested in paranormal things when a co worker saw a ghost in 1990.  Had my own encounters with ghosts after that.  Love anything that breaks the mold of thinking- non standard medical treatment, free energy, UFOs (mostly what is in books, not too interested in what they put on TV).  Like fun friends. 

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