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  1. Upon measuring the space from the top of each rear tire, to the fender - The left back side 3" and the right is 2". Basically the right back side of the car is a full inch lower than the left.
  2. I noticed that my back right tire is slightly turned inwards. Also, the back right part of the car is also lower than the left side. I think the shocks are on their way out but I am not sure. I really don't know much about suspension. Could this be bad suspension, or just an alignment necessary. Would you suggest DIY for replacing shocks/springs? I can take pictures if necessary. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks, it needs some work here and there - but overall i'm happy with it. I use it quite a bit, not a garage queen like quite a few Z's here on the website :)

  4. Interesting concept Carl...eat up all of the Middle East's oil (their only real valuable export) and then once they are out and broke; we tap into our own.
  5. I lived in Eugene for a year. Great town, I really miss it. Want to move back someday.
  6. Probably. I'm sure many of you have seen that Rotisserie Oven infomercial (set it and forget it). My personal favorite. That one is LOADED with voice overs and changes. btw - Thread Hijacking in progress :rambo:
  7. Me and the girlfriend joke about the guy who sells the Shamwow. He looks like a meth addict thats high on coke during those commercials.
  8. Well i don't think im going to be putting anything larger up front considering clearance issues, as well as ease of turning. My 205's are fine also, so no real need to buy new tires for the fronts. I figure the back tires won't have much clearance issues besides the cars' movement up and down (shocks).
  9. Optimal sounds like 235/60-14 without getting dicey on the clearance. I definitely want to avoid any issues with rubbing tires on turns and stuff like that, so the widest I can go without any of that would be great. If the 255's would work without any clearance issues, I might go for it --- but if its going to create potential problems, then i'd rather just keep away from that. The reason I'm asking you guys is because we're all driving the same car. I doubt the tire places around here ever see 280's. Travel N' Man: You've got a 240, and according to Arne the 280 has a higher sitting suspension. As always, appreciate all the advice fellas'!
  10. Are those equal to the width of the 255's you mentioned before? (i know the numbers work out with a percentage height/width deal) Just making sure these are the widest I can get for the config i have. Thanks.
  11. I currently have 205/70 R14's on the car and would like to go as wide as possible for the rear's to really grab the road.
  12. I know there a bunch of topics of tire sizes for rims, but I couldn't find any that dealt with my kind of rim. Basically this is what I have on my car: 14 x 7 American Racing Outlaw II's - No Offset. What is the widest tire I can put on these without any rubbing/potential problems? The car isn't lowered, it's at stock height. I'd really just like to place the wider tires on the back for better traction, and keep what i've got up front so turning isn't anymore difficult. Thanks!
  13. Did you get any photos of the truck stickerman?
  14. Well the goal would be to slowly work on the truck and eliminate any surface rust and generally tune it up. I don't need a truck for work, although I've always wanted one for when i need to move things here and there. Pickups are very useful at times. If he sends a few more good photos over and is reasonable on the price, i might make plans to go see it.
  15. Here are some photos. http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/mikewags/Datsun%20Truck/ Def. not the best quality. The truck seems to be in overall generally decent condition, although some of the rust is worrysome. Also some of the bed photos show what appears to be surface rust. Then again what can you expect from a 73' pickup. At this point, i will see if he can send me some clearer photos of the rest of the truck/interior and if the price is firm. I'd like to be able to work on the truck, but i don't want to address things like major rust or repaint anytime soon.
  16. Beautiful - these remind me of the old 66 - early 70's Toyota Corollas.
  17. Actually I didn't...Good idea! The Truck is in Tallahassee if anyone is up in that area and want to do me the favor of checking it out, i would make it worth their while.
  18. Nice Roadster...What happened to that thing??? The guy says it runs great, he's been using it for the past month with no problems. The engine was rebuilt 3 years ago from the bottom up, and it's got about 60k miles on it. The carb was also rebuilt recently and there are 2 new tires on it...All in all its supposed to be in good condition. I will get some additional photos of the truck tomorrow AM (which in when i will upload them for you to check out) The truck is like 7 hours away from me, so that's another issue - but I guess if it looks good enough, i might consider going and picking it up...This is of course after I try to make a deal. We'll see - if it does turn out to be worth it, i'm still worried about the idea of getting the car back without spending a fortune...
  19. I'm in the process of finding out more about it (general condition of engine, paint, body) - but it looks pretty good for how old it is. The ad mentions the engine was replaced with the last owner. Do any of you guys have experience with these trucks? (Datsun 1600 lil' hustler) Any input?
  20. Windows look great considering the condition of the rest of the car. If door handles are fine, I might be interested in one of them (granted the inner parts on them are fine, and they would work on a 280z) If you dont mind me asking, how much did you spend on that rust bucket?
  21. Ah, ok. I skimmed through a few pages of the thread without reading much, because there seemed to be a lot of 'filler'.
  22. I've got 2 of those exact Western Wheels if interested. I was trying to find two more to complete the set, but I decided to stick with the American Racing rims I have on my car. <a href="http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/mikewags/Car/?action=view&current=alltires.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/mikewags/Car/alltires.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  23. That's awesome, I found the same exact thing (orig. 4 speed green metal top)
  24. Yeah, no thanks. The automatic transmission doesnt help either...although it's still a pretty decent deal for anyone in Cali looking for parts car/project car.
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