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  1. I have a 240Z with 2.8 mechanicals and 71 SU type carbs. I keep thinking that I should change the SU's for 3 Webers. However the engine will rev to 6500RPM and does not run out of breath so obviously the carbs are doing the job. My 240Z will potter around in traffic and will keep up with any of the triple weber cars on sprint day. I know there is more that can be done to the engine as I am currently getting 140 HP at the wheels as per dyno report. However you have to have a balance between a road and race car.
  2. Some say the 4.6 ratio is too low, others say it will be OK for sprints but too low for the track. The only way to find out is to try it. Had to take the diff to a diff shop to change over the halfshafts form the 240Z to the 720 diff. Also had to change planetories. Next event is a hillclimb so it should be beneficial in this event. And biker you will know whether the change over is beneficial as I will be right up your---------. Have picture of your car at Leyburn but lost your email address. Rick
  3. I have owned my 71 240Z now for 18months and probably done about 10 race events consisting of 1 km sprints on street circuits, 20 km sprints on race tracks and various hill climbs. The cars suspension was set up to try and cater for all types of on road conditions and has proved to be very good. The engine is basically standard with mild cam, extractors, electronic distributor and N42 head giving 134BHP on the Dyno at the rear wheels. Wheels are 16" x 7" with 205 x 50 series Falken ZE 326 tyres. Doing the 1km sprints I have had difficulties with the huge gap between 2nd and 3rd gear and was 1
  4. Engine no for HS 300 1224 is L2405 4278. Is this the original engine? Rick
  5. Rick

    D Hubcaps

    Hope you know I am in Brisbane, Australia! Still for sale at Aus$200.00 for set plus freight.
  6. Rick

    D Hubcaps

    I want Aus $200.00 for the 4 hubcaps plus freight. Rick
  7. Rick

    D Hubcaps

    As I said before I have aset of four "D" hubcaps available.
  8. Rick

    HP rating

    Hi Ivan, There was a stock standard 240Z being dyno tested after mine which was great as a comparison. Although a standard 240z is rated 150HP at the flywheel they could barely get 100Hp at the rear wheels. Brisbane Turbo and Tuning is owned by John Whittaker who has a 547Hp twin turbo 2.5 skyline motor in his Z and his son has a single turbo 250 HP L28 motor in his Z. He seems to know what he is talking about. However I am open to any further info from the gallery.
  9. Rick

    HP Rating

    Sorry my mistake. Actual torque is 282 nm between 3500 and 4000RPM. HP at flywheel is 168HP at 109kmph I found out that: HP at the flywheel is - HP at the rear wheels plus one third. ie. 126 + 42 = 168HP So my Z has good torque and power where I need it most for roadwork and would need a different cam for serious competition work.
  10. No the Z is not standard. I was not sure of the engine mods that is why I got the car dyno checked. From the outside the car has an N42 head, extractors and uses the standard round topped SU's. By the idle sound it has a fast road cam. So 126 HP at rear wheels is OK as the motor has 575 NM of torque at 90 kmph. Yes I was at Niagra Falls 2 years ago and have seen how the falls freeze up some years. Brisbane is sitting at about 30 degrees C at this time of the year. I like snow but only to ski in.
  11. Does anybody know the ratio of HP at the flywheel to HP at the rear wheels. I recently had the engine run up on a Dyno to establish motor HP and was given a printout of 126HP at the rear wheels at 4900 RPM. I want to calculate the HP at the flywheel!
  12. Heh Nigel, I have the original wheels and trims for 71 240Z right here in Brisbane Australia. I was going to take my car back to original but I am having too much fun racing the beast. If you want me to email pics contact me. Can phone on 07 33251145 Rick.
  13. Rick

    2002 Historic Leyburn Sprints

    Flat chat through the second esses at Leyburn
  14. One of the many right hand turns on the Historic Noosa Hillclimb
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