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  1. well finding a new shell/compleate car is a little bit out of reach right now and repairing is more what i can afford at this time well ive seen 280zx's go for as cheap as 1500 in pretty good shape and i plan to get this thing on the road for about that much once i am done i am getting a new/used turbo for free this weekend so ill have it running by monday
  2. oh wait ummm my bad that trick can only be used on fords use the d/a sander works great everytime and on the areas that are hard to get a d/a sander with use a grinder with a soft wire brush then lightly sand it till its smooth
  3. wana know how to remove the paint entirely i would say use a torch
  4. hey look at this site many fiberglass and steel parts http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/240z.html
  5. pardon me i am new to the Z cars but what is a scarab conversion maybe some one could explaine it
  6. i would gladly do that if there where any good s130 bodies in va
  7. i might be able to help ya with a mirror let me knoe where ya live and ill check at work in the morning i work in a junk yard and we have a 78 280z
  8. ok heres what ive got 1983 280zxt junk turbo but the engine is in great shape been siting for many years i would say since the late 90's ok went through the entire fual system to get the car running thats how i found that the turbo was seized ok the floors are all but gone the suports are all but gone as well but the acualy body is in fair shape tell me what you guys think and or where i can get a set of floors reasonably cheap or free i dont make alot of money so is this car worth fixing or am i spoinning my wheels with this one
  9. hey i would say go to a junk yard and just what you need where are ya located we have a 78 280z at the junk yard i work for
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